Holly Farms the Continuing Adventures of Foal 12 Slip & Slide (By GloryKnight and CarnivorusDuck)

Twelve did not enjoy the special huggies or other things that were happening to him.
Escaping from the herd that was abusing him leads them back to Holly’s house(and there own fates will be shown in the future)

Well Holly loves her fluffies her little brothers are both abusers.
Part of the reason she works so hard to get her foals into good homes.

Twelve well avoiding the other fluffies of the house, and also Holly found a fluffy slide one of her brothers modified!
To bad for him, that modification is making it be covered in high grit sandpaper turning the slide into an abusers wet dream.
The poor little foals belly, legs, and unmentionables all took quite a beating from this.

Will he limp away or is he gonna be found out.
Stay tuned to find out



maybe the fluff around his butt will be all ripped away

Ease of access for the smarty when he wants another trip to pound town
How considerate of him :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Sadly not only pain, to his belly and wumpus but in the good/bad news he gets away well seeing all the horrors that befall the herd that enfied him for more trauma the poor little guy.

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