Holly Farms the Fate of 12. (By GloryKnight & CascaDeLaranja)

12 has had an interesting life since abandoning Holly after the incident and has suffered and done horrible things.
The owners of the FluffMart with a no kill policy are getting annoyed.
He shrieks at Holly Farms content on Fluff TV, his first mare he made no bowl fluffies.
His second mare though did produce a collection of bowl fluffs but after this success he refuses to do more good feels.
Lacking a unoccupied sorry box the workers strap him to there trusted cleaning Roomba. The succy monster!

Turns out though that fluffies are dumb and seeing another of there own riding they all assume 12 is working with the munstah and are scared of him.
Not like it matters half the fluffs hate him for the pooping incident and both his mares got adopted so the only fluffs that did like him are long gone.

So the punishment is done more just for the sake of it

Though one day a misbehaving mother causes a problem… she pushes out one of her foals from the enclosure
Realizing the mothers are doing this with foals they do not want… the works take some chirpee’s and say they ran away from there mummahs.
Making sure to put all the mares close to the sight of the chirpees crawling and rolling on the floor as they unleash the munstah.
All the while 12 is strapped to it.

“OH no he’s going to nom on your babies girls just like when he was first here!!”
These words panicked the mothers as the roomba slowly ran over a collection of foals brutalizing them the ones not sucked up crushed and smashed to be tossed.

This also let them crush a bunch of bad coloured foals and claim it all as an accident for what had happened.

The terrified mothers of the store learned to not push there babies out for any reason purely from the shock of this incident.
The bad ones learning a lesson and the good ones gaining a bigger appreciation for there foals.

Poor 12 though started to shut down and the employees realized if they kept pushing would finally break into the dreaded Wanna Die Loop

Meanwhile in the bowl foal unit 12’s babies play and frolic unaware of there daddy fluffs terrible fate or reputation all of which got adopted by collectors for there being some of the first ‘domestic’ bowl fluffies ever.


Damn. Nice punishment. Love the art


This is some good shit, right here. Keep up the good work with you and the artist(s).

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I wonder what customers think of Roomba 12.

Love the adorable little fluffs happily living their lives contrasted against 12’s suffering. Bebbehs ignorant of their parents horrible existence strikes a soft spot in me.


It really sucks :troll:

The first picture just gave me the funny idea of a pillow fluff tied to a roomba.

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Patience and you shall be rewarded


12 deserve pain for what he did. Him running away was justified, he was traumatised but he ate innocent foals and lied to their dumb mothers without any regrets. I want him to suffer till his end and i want him to regret everything he did.


Its good to see Poopies suffer, this was just good!