home remedies for yard invasions by Papa_Garp

Tired of cleaning frozen mares off your porch? Or dealing with yard invasions from heaven forbid a “smarty” and his brood?
Well, Uncle Iroh has the perfect fluff repellent for you to make at home. Simply spray the mixture detailed below around your property line and in various places fluffs are known to nest like under tall bushes or below decks. The mixture I’ve found works best is detailed below.

In an empty spray bottle combine:
2 tbsp pure peppermint oil
2 tbsp cinnamon
2 cups of fresh “boo-boo juice”
lastly, extract the nicotine from a cigarette and let it drip in the mixture.

Shake well, spray in 2-3 coats and let dry 30 minutes between sprays
any fluffy that tries to lick up the mixture will die from the nicotine, and the strong smell will scare away 8/10 ferals (those goddamn smarties, and the truly desperate ones)

If theres interest I can share my various home improvements that I also have a side business “fluff-proofing” other yards. Cheers friends, and remember. Never hurt another person, save it for the shitrats :heart:


Could one substitute blood meal (dried horse/cow blood) for fresh?
In some states liquid or powdered nicotine is available in some shops.


at first, I did try pig blood from the local Amish market. However, all it accomplished was bringing a rainbow of curious little bastards. The fluffy blood seems to have a smell they all know by instinct. Saves my swinging arm for the stubborn ones


sounds like an ineffective, boring hassle compared to using a stick. and imo avatar was an extremely dumb cartoon. i have no idea what the appeal in it was supposed to be

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How long does it take for the nicotine to work and how much havoc does it cause the fluffy?

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Damn talk about bad opinions


Cope and seethe :slight_smile:

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I have the perfect remedy. It’s called a sentry turret


But you do you

Ah a Homemade Repellant. That’s nice…although imagine Putting a Sketty trap and spraying repellant around the trap and record a fluffy crying that they can’t reach the yummy Sketties.


Oh I’m totally stealing this for tinker toys part 2 haha

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