Homestead Fluffy Ch 8 (By Remarkable_Sue)

“Candace wan hewp Daddeh!” You called to Joseph as he walks away. He turns to you and watches you follow him. He goes to a strange area you’ve never seen before. Before you could ask any questions, Joseph hands you a bundle of flags.
“Here. Walk around the fence. Put a flag into the ground if you find anything.” Joseph says to you. You take the flags in your mouth and head off to start working.

You try to be as fast as you could to find anything in this fenced in area. All along this woven wired fence, you find a part cut open. You place down two flags on the opening. You continue and you find a second one right across the other you found.
Upon returning, Joseph was seen taking a large ball or something of the same fence thing you saw the entire fence was made of.
“I can see them. Thanks, Candace. I will give you a bowl after i fix this.” Joseph claims as he pets you gently. You stay with him and watch him fix the fence. You also hear him grumbling under his breath.
“I swear if its that PETA kid trying to push herds into my yard…”

You and Joseph returned to Pamela who put Clancy back inside and watched the herd. She has a notebook in hand and wrote something down.
“Found two areas of the fence cut. That’s how these guys got in.” Joseph explained to Pamela. She looks up and pets you.
“I’ve been taking notes about these guys. I wish i could keep them, but they all witnessed Candace being violent.” Pamela says. Joseph hums.
“So, none of them are Alicorn Friendly?” Joseph asked.
“Nope. There is the Smarty’s mate. I’ve named her Rosemarie! She’s thankful of having the Smarty killed. Come 'ere girl!” Pamela waved her hand and out of the herd came a skipping mare.

Coat, Tea Green
Mane and Tail, Medium Aquamarine
Eyes, Lilac Luster
Species, Pegasus
Breed/s, Standard
Text color, Dark Cyan

“Hewwo! Pointy-wingy mawe! Fank 'ou!” She called as she came to you and gave you a gentle hug. You tilted your heard to her, but instinctively hugged her too.
“Wewcome? Wut Candace do?” You asked her, but she ignores you and comes to Pamela who pets her. She smiled to Joseph who sighs.
“Fine. Find the ones you like. But, you and Candace are going to train them.” Joseph waves his hands dismissively and walks back into the home.
“Yay! Thanks dad!” Pamela waves her dad bye as he disappears into the house. Pamela turns and pets you and then Rosemarie. She then asked a request from Rosemarie to call her friends over. She then has you sit next to her as she calls for her friends.

“Come on fwiends! Wosemawie found nyu mummah! She gon gib us numies!” Rosemarie calls. Her friends all perked up with hopeful eyes, but their legs shook and froze them in place. The alicorn mare was strong and potentially dangerous.
Rosemarie looked concerned. She continues to talk to them and try to convince them to come towards her to be able to be adopted by Pamela. When the house door opened again with a bowl of spaghetti.
“Candace, here you go. My thanks for you being a great helper.” Joseph called. He sat the bowl in front of you.
“Fank 'ou daddeh.” You said to him. He comes and sits down with Pamela and waited too. You started to eat the delicious spaghetti.

While you ate, many stared with awe. Soon a single mare started to approach.

Coat, Beaver
Mane and Tail, Old Lavender
Eyes, Cambridge Blue
Species, Unicorn
Breed/s, Horned
Text color, Celadon

She looked interesting to you. You’ve never seen any fluffy with horns like hers. She had 3 of them actually. A normal unicorn horn, and two back swept horns. You carefully watch her as she is now right in front of you.
“Can…Can fwuffy… hab… hab sum?” You hear her stutter. You examine her body language. She’s scared, but she’s so frail and thin with a hefty stench of shit. You nod to her.
“Gu ahead! Hab some and be nyu fwiend!” You encouraged her. She looked surprised but smiles. She comes and carefully started to eat. till she was full. You are surprised to see there was still a whole bunch of spaghetti left.
“Not the best colors, but you are very interesting looking. I’m calling you…Pia.” Pamela says. She came to pet her but gagged at her smell. “Dad, watch who comes to Candace next. I’m giving Pia a bath.” Pamela says as she grabs Pia and leaves inside the home.

You wait for a while until a stallion starts to get hungry and desperate. He quickly approached and bowed his head in fear.
“be nyu fwiend and ou can hab da sketties!” You said to him.

Coat, Beige and Black Chocolate(Black chocolate)
Mane and Tail, Myrtle Green
Eyes, Teal-Blue
Species, Earthie
Breed/s, Siamese and Leggy
Text color, Ming

The stallion did as Pia. Accept and started to eat until he felt full. He is approached by Joseph who examined him curiously.
“Are those patterns natural? or just dirt?” Joseph takes the stallions hoof and rubs off some dirt, but the color sticks. He shrugs. “Well, you trust Candace. So, you will be living with us. I’ll call you… Ollie.” Joseph claimed. He pets the stallion and waits for Pamela to give him a bath too. But, a second mare comes closer.

Coat, Ivory and Erie Black(Erie Black)
Mane and Tail, Pastel Pink
Eyes, Crimson and Baby Pink
Species, Pegasus
Breed/s, Siamese, Short Coated, Puff haired(Curly)
Text Color, Melon

“Fwuffy wan be fwiends wit pointy-wingy mawe! 'Ou hwped fwuffy too.” The mare says to you. She doesn’t take any spaghetti and sits near you happily. She looked a lot like the Smarty. She must be related to him.
Pamela returns with Pia. She was cleaned and her mane was braided along with her tail. She sees the few more fluffies and smiled.
“Awe! Candace! Look at all of your new friends!” Pamela said. She put Pia down and she comes trotting over to sit next to you and the others.
“Pam, none of them has moved except these ones. We can leave them the fenced in are over there. I can give them scraps.” Joseph said. You and the others were brought inside. You watched over them as Pamela served them Porridge.

“Ferals dont exactly have the best health… But, we only feed you guys soft foods anyway.” Pamela says. She has paper bowls set on the kitchen floor as she scoops fresh porridge into them to feed the new fluffies. You are watching them carefully.
Then they were named.

The Smarty’s rejected daughter, Harper
The stallion, Ollie

After the food, Harper and Ollie were given baths. Then they were put in the Safe Room with you and Buttercream. Pia, Harper, and Ollie are playing.

Friendship Stats!

Level 5 in Friendship! Close Friends!
Level 0 in Love!

Level 2 in Friendship! Acquaintances
Level 2 in Love! He is Interested

Level 3 in Friendship! Casual Acquaintances
Level 1 in Love! She loves you as a sister

Level 2 in Friendship! Acquaintances
Level 0 in Love!

Level 3 in Friendship! Casual Acquaintances
Level 0 in Love!

Level 2 in Friendship! Acquaintances
Level 1 in Love! She loves you as a sister

Level 2 in Friendship! Acquaintances
Level 2 in Love! He is Interested

Max Level 7 in Friendship! Intimate Friends

Level 6 in Friendship! Close Friends

Now, This will be a bit more complex than before. You can now see the stats of the relationships Candace/You have with the characters. Simply comment the names of the character you want to raise the stats of!

I want to be closer with Dean or Raise the friendship stat on Dean!

His Love Levels cannot be increased unless the Friendship Level is maxed.

I know some of you really love going into detail, so go ahead and comment ideas on how Candace can raise the Friendship Levels of any character. Here’s another example.

Have Candace be on guard for Clancy to make her feel more safe when doing chores.
Let Candace have a friendly conversation with Dean
Share your treats with Pia/Harper/Ollie/Rosemarie so they can feel more safe around you

Go at it! Make it as simple or detailed as you want, or just heart someones comment you agree with since i will also count how many likes they have.
I hope you’ve enjoyed my series!


The sharing treats example for the former feral herd members sounds like a good idea to do. Candace could also be the one to help them get used to life with Joseph and Pamela, showing them how to do chores etc.

Candace could also ask Joseph if he needs more assistance with anything around the property. He’s almost at max friendship! Something like keeping an eye out for other feral herds or other dangers could score more points with Clancy too.

Helping Buttercup out with her foals, with play time mixed in, and vice versa could be a daily thing they’ll slowly raise friendship over time.

I see Dean and Ollie have the same love level with Candace. Interesting that Ollie caught up so fast.


Candance and buttercream could have a cute little playdate with their babbehs so they can start knowing eachother since such a young age


I vote for spending time with Dean, Clancy, and Harper. If more can be added I also elect Rosemarie, Joseph, and Pia in that order.

Now the dust is settled and Candance has established herself as a pseudo-leader I think reconnecting ties with the original herd after being initially shunned is important. Clancy especially is going to be important as her being directly affected by the feral herd is going to have to be supported if there is to be cohesion between the old guard and newcomers. Dean will also be a part of that and hopefully Buttercream being a close friend will assist.

Harper will be key to this transition as her immediate loyalty to Candance I think make her a key ally. Rosemarie being the smarty’s former mate can be important as she technically is the head of the feral herd now but I worry about the possibility of her trying to enforce a power dynamic in the equation. Joseph I feel is lower on priorities but is still important as the humans overall have the most power. Pia is a unique gem that I feel is worth investing into but not an immediate concern unless she has the time.


god dammit PETA, first you took away dragons, then you took away my dog, then you released these shitrats, and now your sabotaging my fence!


oh this is a great idea

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