Homophobia cómic By Skull


In the year 3045, humans and fluffys have advanced, due to the endless war of the social disease known as “ideologies” humans have decided to divide themselves by sectors based on orientation, religion, skin color, ideology and other things that the make them feel special and different.

Lately, the peace treaty between the LGBT sector (the other acronyms do not deserve recognition) and the hetero, religious and Antilgbt sector have come into conflict due to several hate crimes, among which for some reason, the fluffys seem to be the triggers.

It is unknown how fluffys, especially simple fluffys, are able to start fights between sectors, several studies have found that these fluffys are quite different from the already known fluffys, programmed with specific thoughts whose purpose is to cause chaos. It is believed that a sect could be behind these fluffys and their curious way of speaking.

It has been theorized that the fluffy queen could be linked to these accidents, since some fluffys appear brutally murdered with some hate message that invites the other sectors to turn against each other, but they have simply been theories.

To this day, the sectors have united in violence, and to this day, the fluffies seem to realize for the first time that something really, really bad is going to happen.

In a world where peace is culminating and giving birth to the greatest war of the species on planet earth, a group of fluffys and humans trying to escape the war, will do everything possible to escape the earth, but without knowing it. They will know that the worst enemy they can face is their own species.

I already made my project idea. It’s like a draft and maybe I’ll change it, I accept opinions and changes : v



I see what you did there.

Would be happy to help, but your creative approach is very different from my own. For example, I assume the LGBT activists, vs. people angry about LGBT, conflict would also be economic in nature, with the first sector dominated by Western / 1st world cultures, & the second by Marxist, post-Marxist, & / or third world ones. It would help even out factors such as population numbers, as well as the intensity of the conflict.

I would also assume non-binary people would have a hard time of it :slight_smile:

Do like the mention of a queen.

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Considering the subject matter, I have to ask which definition of “queen” applies here.

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Homophobia could also be interpreted as “fear of the same kind” lol

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she’s queen fluffy, for some reason hardly anyone draws her, and i think she could be a great villain against her own kind.


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Yes, it’s interesting, it’s like the Hunger Games, or that movie where society collapses. I’ll use it :D, thanks little spider

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See, I wasn’t sure if you meant queen as in “female monarch” or queen as in “flamboyant gay man”.

I didn’t wanna assume. In this scenario, it isn’t unreasonable to consider the latter possibility, is it?

@staff can y’all unflag this. I’ve grown tired of calling out this pansy community but at least don’t let kneejerk hurt feelings censor art.


no, I’m talking about queen fluffy, the bitch with six tits and a crown on her head and she’s all white.

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Five cleavages.

Maybe more.


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I like that, what’s more, the colors of that flag, it will have villains according to the meaning of the color, like the diamonds from steven universe or those from village from resident evil. I will be mother Miranda and your Donna beneviento


It was flaged for a slightly different reason than you think. A compromise have already been found


oh that’s clever!

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Yes, it will be a mixture of many things, fluffys with human DNA, being evil, chaos, destruction, broken hearts, blood and above all, hope.

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Stuff fuck it

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Yes, I’m already creating the fluffy villains, this one is yellow and represents pride, and his phrase is: I’m perfect and of all colors, the other fluffys are unnecessary

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Fluffy Satanus

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Yeap :v devilman cry baby :goat:

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