Horseshoe by FluffyOD

I was trapped at work with no power so I had to draw with half-dead highlighters and sharpies by candlelight.

What’s up tonight, boys.


He bought steel toed boots to stomp a fluffy.

I can find no flaw in his thought process.


Well at least now he can unwind and relax for the remainder of the night.
Me IRL on the other hand…

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I mean that’s a great end to a night of wholesome fluffy abuse, but this guy just blew his load too quick

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It’s a pain to draw by hand. I planned on coming into work and continuing A Fluffy Story and I Know There Are Fluffies Nearby but there was no power so I whipped up something short and sweet.

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Work boots to ensure feet are safe and secure? Check.
Stepping on things that goes SPLAT! without causing injury to foot? Check.
Power to see where one step and clean up mess? … damn…

Nicely coloured boots though. :+1:t2:


Lol thanks. Luckily I had a couple highlighters for color. As long as I had a red pen it would have been fine, I lucked out.

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