house full of fluffies side sory. windy and her smarties. what should happen to them? (matchatea_fluffster)


Tornado sweeps up their box and delivers them to the land of Oz. :slight_smile:

Red and blue get adopted by the city of oz cause they like colorful ponies.

The wicked witch tears off mothers legs because she put on the rubby slippers and bestest gets violated/maimed by flying monkeys.


“Bestest” gets his nuts caught in a tangle of roots which results in his nuts getting ripped off when his mother picks him up. He now has to live as the “poopie” for now being a dummeh babbeh.

The mother and possibly the rest of the family then die a karmic, painful, and creative death.


Fat bastard drinks so much that his stomach bursts. Windy is rendered catatonic and refuses to eat or feed her other two foals.

Fed up with their mother, Red and Blue go off on their own and have a grand adventure/die instantly (delete where appropriate)

Windy remains moping about her dead babbeh, never realising her other two foals are gone


The same thing that should happen to her.

Just slower.

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Crushed by hydraulic press into their own poop.


Horny smarty makes the foals into enfie babies. Mummah is forced to watch and goes into the wan die loop.


Smarty’s Siblings get fed up by the Smarty and rebel against them.

Update: I now want someone or something to castrate Fatty. The way he’s just freeballing it is just pissing me off.


Each learn the reason why Smarties are hated by both humans and the herd. First Smarty learns the lesson from the onset. The second one is pretty stubborn and won’t learn til the fifth story is told. The last one learns when the comic ends, in a twisted Third Christmas Spirit from a Christmas Carol story, where the Smarty is the center of the story.

Brutally mutilate them all and then leave them barely alive for the vultures.

I didn’t know they were all Smarites. The other two seemed very polite.

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A human comes up to her. A human she knows. Trades smarties for toys and food and a new box. Turns out he does this regularly. Nobody quite knows why. Is he an abuser? Is he a researcher? Is he selling them, but can’t actually raise fluffies at his home?

The mom filth and foal filth ate adopted by a true psych abuser who locks her head in stocks and forces her to eat the foals and then finds a feral to knock her up before he rapes it to death in front of her and leaves the body to rot under her face in the stocks .
And as soon as she shits out the filth she was pregnant with the psycho immediately blindfolds her. And then let’s her listen to them for a moment before he force feeds her the filth she just spewed from from her slimy sewer of a womb and then finds another feral to knock her up and start the unholy cycle again and again and again

Mare eats something bad, suddenly gets violent urge to shit.
In her attempt to not shit in the box she tries to leave but the bestest keeps demanding milk and stepping in front of her.
When she finally gets past him she’s too panicked to see where she’s going and trips, the impact causing her to spray the entire box (including the foals) brown.

Put your name up next to the title before Owl finds out…

polite to good color fluffies, you seen what wappen to the “poopie” baby

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That’s honestly just normal fluffy behaviour for most people’s canon lol. I just assumed.