How Do You Do Fellow Cannibals? [By BFM101]

“I knew that Buffalo Bill Basement was going to bite you in the ass one day.”

Josef glared at Katherine, her smirk showed that she had no sympathy at all to his pain.

“Ok first off, I’ve had that basement five years now and this is the first time I’ve fallen down those stairs. And secondly, it’s only a fracture, I’ll be out of here in three days.”

Josef shifted on his hospital bed, feeling a little uncomfortable. Part of it was being a doctor himself he didn’t like being on the other side, fucked with his ego, another part of it was Josef just not liking the vulnerable state he was in. He’d much rather just go home to heal but given the grimy state of his basement, the doctors wanted to keep him around to ensure there was no lingering infections.

Katherine just shook her head at the sorry state he was in. “You’re not gonna make it through the night without losing your mind, you hate having to rely on other people.”

“I’m independent Kat, what can I say? Besides, they’re got enough morphine here that I can knock myself out for most of that time. My concern right now is Crimson.”

“Crimson? I figured he’d be just as independent as you, more so even. He can survive on his own for a few days.”

“Not at the moment, he’s locked in the basement, punishment for failure. As much as I like him Kat, he’s still just a Fluffy and still needs to be punished.”

“Is this the part where you ask me to feed him a Fluffy corpse every day or are you wanting me to take him home?”

Josef scoffed. “Yeah, like you’d let Crimson anywhere near Lily. No, I know it’s too much of an ask to keep an eye on him like that, just let him out of the basement, tell him where I’ve gone and he’s free to roam about until I get back.”

“All that freedom? You sure you’re not going soft on him?”

“Please, Crimson’s only left the property twice, the first time he got kicked in the nuts but a fucking child, the second he almost drowned trying to bring back Sweetheart. If he goes outside at all he’ll be extra careful to make sure he doesn’t get hurt again.”

“What about the other Fluffies? Crimson’s not likely to back down from a little of the Good Ol’ Ultra-Violence.”

“Acceptable casualties for Crimson to have his fun.”

Katherine smirked. “Ok, I’ll let him out. But this is your idea, the blood is on your hands.”

“When is it not?”

“Ha, alright I’ll bring you back some stuff from the house, give me a text if you need anything in particular.”

With that, Katherine left Josef to his healing, finally alone, Josef was able to finally curse himself for being so stupid.

He’d meant to replace that shitty step weeks ago.

The sudden light bursting into Crimson’s eyes nearly blinded him after days of near total darkness.


A soft, familiar voice broke through the haze. “Hey, easy Crimson, it’s just me.”

As his vision returned to him, Crimson was able to make out the red ring of hair in front of him.

“Kat-A-Wine? Wai yu hewe, whewe daddeh?”

“Josef’s in the hospital, he fell down the stairs an hurt his leg. He’ll be there for a few days.”

Crimson thought back, remembering the loud crash he’d heard yesterday. Then he chuckles.

“Daddeh am fukin dummeh.”

“Easy there Crimson, I’ll let that one slide cause it was Josef’s own fault but he is still your owner.”

“Wha happen tu Cwimson nyo?”

“Well that’s the good news, Josef’s allowed you to have some freedom, until he gets back you’re allowed to do as you like. The bad news is that you’ll have to find your own food, I don’t have the time to feed you.”

“Cwimson gu ousside?”

Katherine nodded. “If you like.”

“Den Cwimson du ok, Cwimson find nummies. Wots of fukin dummeh Fwuffies ousside tu num.”

Katherine just shook her head. “Christ you really are a monster aren’t yu.”

“Onwy munstah hewe am ba-tween Cwimson weggies.”

Katherine flicked Crimson on the nose. “That’s your first warning, none of that talk while I’m here ok?”

“Wai meanie Kat-A-Wine gib smeww-pwace huwties? Du it gain?”

“That’s your second warning.”

Crimson didn’t let up his evil grin but he did stop talking. Satisfied that he got the point, Katherine lifted him out of the box and carried him upstairs, being careful to avoid the broken step where Josef fell. Once upstairs she took Crimson through the kitchen and into the back garden, placing him down on the grass.

“I take it you can get in and out of here by yourself?”

Crimson nodded. “Cwimson hab secwet howe in fence, use dat tu weave sumtimes. Awso use it tu twap wittew dik Smawties who nu knyo who dey fukin wiv.”

“So long as you know what you’re doing. If you have any troubles then just come back here, I’ll stop by to check on you when I can but it won’t be often.”

Thinking quickly, Katherine went back inside and grabbed a bowl of kibble, leaving it on the garden porch, Crimson looked at her funny.

“Just in case you get hungry.”

“Kat-A-Wine siwwy, bu Cwimson fink she ok. Fow a hoomin.”

The two of them chuckled at each other before Katherine leant over and scratched Crimson on the ear.

“You’re fucking weird Crimson, but it works for you. Try not to get into too much trouble.”

“Nu pwomises.”

Crimson turned and made his way to the secret hole in the bushes, it was difficult to get through unless you knew what you were doing, or too stupid to know any better, thankfully Crimson was the former and he was able to work his way through the branches and out into the open world.

By design, Fluffies have a short memory to account for accidents inflicted on them by their owners, if a child plays a little too roughly then the Fluffy was to scream about ‘Hurties’ to make the child understand the consequences of its actions before going back to being a happy plaything after a couple of hours.

Crimson however was not a plaything, because of his intense brain rewiring Crimson now had a better, more human-like memory. Which was to his benefit as he walked around the city, travelling through alleys and nooks and crannies keeping out of sight of humans, not that he was scared of them, Crimson was just self-aware enough to know he couldn’t take any on in a fight.

Though he’d certainly give it a good fucking try.

Eventually he came to a crossing, four roads to choose from, this was where his memory kicked in. The road he was on lead back to home so that was out, if he went straight he’d come to the bridge where he lost Sweetheart, as tempting as that be to look for her the tree-place on the other side was too big and it had been too long, he’d never find her. If he went left he’d soon find the alleyway where Spike kicked him in the lumps, Crimson scowled at the memory, he wasn’t able to enf anything for a week after that attack and he wasn’t keen on going through it again.

So Crimson went right, a new direction for him, towards the park. Crimson had never been to the park before, never saw the need to interact with other Fluffies when he could just as easily rape and murder them. But Crimson was in the mood for something new, maybe he’d find some desperate mares who wanted babbehs but their owner said no.

Crimson smiled thinking about how he could do with a new enfie-toy.

The park was – by Fluffy standards – a gigantic play-area of grass and trees and bushes and a sandbox in the middle of it all where foals would practise digging on the soft material. Crimson hated it, he hated the laughter of the small foals as they cooed and hugged each other. He hated the giggling and the panting of special-friends who chased each other for fun, he hated the terrified screams of the Fluffy family running from the massive red monster…

Wait, what?

Crimson looked to the outskirts of the park, too far away for anyone to intervene, a Fluffy family was running for their lives, a green stallion led the pack, his peach mare mate following close behind, a collection of five foals on her back, all of them holding on for dear life and crying their little pathetic little eyes out. At the back two older foals, a colt and a filly, tried to keep up with their parents.

And behind them, the biggest Fluffy Crimson had ever seen, a hulking red Earthie – a darker red than Crimson’s Fluff – with a black mane was charging after the family, bloodlust in his eyes. The Red Monster leapt forward and grabbed the filly, tumbling ass over head but he had her, his teeth sinking into her neck.

“BABBEH!” The mare cried.

“Nu stop, sabe west of famiwy.” The stallion yelled to his sobbing mate, together the survivors turned away and ran into a nest of bushes, Crimson watched as their little bodies disappeared into the thick growth until he could see them no more. Then he turned back to The Red Monster, and to his surprise, the monster was tearing out the filly’s skin and muscles from her severed neck, and eating them.

Crimson had found another cannibal. Today just got much more interesting.

Very carefully, Crimson approached The Red Monster, whoever he was he seemed more interested in eating dead filly than his surroundings, but Crimson still had to be careful so as not to spook the creature.

“Uh, hewwo?”

The Monster turned, blood dripping from his mouth, he stared Crimson down, and Crimson stared back.

“Cwimson see dat Fwuffy wike da taste of udda Fwuffies. Cwimson wike udda Fwuffies tuu, wan shawe.”

The Monster stared at Crimson, chewing and swallowing the meat in his gullet before talking in a low voice.

“Bwute need wed nummies, need tu be stwong fow speciaw-enfie fwiend an babbehs.”

Crimson grinned. “Cwimson hewp Bwute find mowe nummies, fiwwy nu gud meaw fow big Fwuffy wike Bwute. Wet Cwimson hab sum an togetha, Cwimson an Bwute take down big nummies.”

Brute considered it, he didn’t know this Crimson, but he seemed excited about eating Fluffies, and it made sense that two of them together could take down a bigger target. After a moment, he nodded.

“Ok, Cwimson an Bwute find big nummies togetha.”

Crimson beamed as Brute moved over to allow him access to the filly corpse, Crimson found a soft spot on her belly and ripped it open.

“Su?” Crimson said, gulping down a kidney. “Du Bwute hab pwefewence?”

“Fink we shouwd gu afta fiwwy mummah and daddeh, big famiwy, wots of nummies.”

Crimson shook his head. “Tuu many. Need tu kiww qwickwy, uddawise udda Fwuffies wun way whiwe we deaw wiv wun Fluffy. Dat nu how yu hunt Fwuffies, dat how famiwy wun way.”

Brute stuck his snout into the filly’s chest and ripped off a piece of her heart. “Ok, wha Cwimson fink?”

Crimson looked around the park, until he found his target. A fat blue unicorn waddled his way along the grass, chasing after a much faster and much younger orange filly.

“Cum bak dummeh enfie-mawe, Ky-ew wan gud-feews.”

“Dat wun, tub-ee fuka.”

Brute looked unconvinced. “Weaww? Bwute gib dat fat fuk foweba sweepies by sewf.”

“Twue, bu lawd-ass am heaby, he thwow weight awound an he du bad huwties. Cwimson pwan take him down e-see.”

“Awwight, wha Cwimson pwan?”

Kyle still chased after the orange filly, even as she was picked up by her owner who tried to sooth her panicked mind. His lumps had the worst hurties and he needed her to help relieve him.

If only his dummeh daddy had given him an enfie-mare like he asked for, he wouldn’t be in this mess. His daddy gave him everything else, sketti everyday, all the toys he wanted, and yet for some reason when Kyle asked to have an enfie-mare so help his lumps, his daddy throw a fit.

Kyle realised his daddy must not have listened to him, he didn’t say he wanted an enfie-mare for babbehs, he said he wanted an enfie-babbeh. Stupid daddy not listening to him.

Suddenly, a great big red Fluffy stood in his way. “Bwute no wet meanie stawwion huwt fiwwy.”

Kyle puffed out his cheeks at the idiot in front of him. “Dummeh git out Ky-ew way. Ky-ew am bestesh Smawty, wan fiwwies fow gud-feels.”

“Yu nu Smawty, yu jus poopie-Fwuffy, tuu fat tu wet mawes gib enfies.”

Kyle fumed, he stomped the ground so hard Brute swore he felt it shake from his weight. “KY-EW AM NU FAT-EE, KY-EW AM STWONGESH SMAWTY, GUN GIB DUMMEH WOWST…”


Kyle was suddenly interrupted by Crimson jumping on top of him, the sneaky little fucker had crept round the back of him while he was distracted by Brute. Crimson grabbed hold of Kyle’s mangy mane with his teeth and pulled his head back, exposing his fat neck for Brute to dive in and rip out with his teeth.

It all went by so fast that by the time Kyle realised what happened, he was already on the ground bleeding out, the last thing he saw was the two red cannibals grabbing a leg each and pulling him into the bushes.

Even bleeding out, he still felt his lumps hurting as he died.

Once Kyle was hidden in the bushes, Crimson kicked him in the face, once he saw there was no reaction he laughed at his victim.

“Ha, yu ded nyo yu fat mummahfuka. Hope Skettiwand make yu an enfie-babbeh yu dummeh kunt.”

“Cwimson du say fuk a wot.”

“Su? Cwimson wike say fuk, it gud wowd.”

“Bwute knyo, bu Bwute twy tu stop sayin bad wowds su mush, nyo hab babbehs tu wook afta.”

“Cwimson nu undastan babbehs, onwy gud fow enfies an nummies. Bu if Bwute wan be daddeh, den Cwimson nu say shit. Wet’s num this fat bastawd befow udda Fwufies find him.”

Brute still wasn’t sure what to make of Crimson, but he had to admit the Pegasus’ tactics were effective, Kyle was a delicious meal with enough for the two of them to have a decent amount and still leave some left over. Brute had to admit that not needing to refill his energy after an easy kill was a nice bonus and allowed him to savour the fatty fold of the tubby unicorn.

Swallowing down the last of Kyle that he could fit in his stomach, Crimson gave a hearty belch. “Ooh, fat-ee mite be dummeh bu he am gud nummies, Cwimson shouwd hab bwote bawbeeque sauce.”

“Bwute happy dat Cwimson wight, easy pwey wen twu Fwuffies.”

“Cwimson awways wight, Cwimson am fukin gweat.”

Brute sneered a little at Crimson’s ego but hit it before Crimson noticed. “Bwute shouwd gu bak nyo, mummah be wowwied.”

“Yu hab mummah?”

Bture nodded. “Bon-ee, bestesh mummah, wet Bwute num aww he wan.”

“Weawwy? Cwimson need meet dis Bon-ee.”

“Wan come wiv? Bwute ask if Cwimson can come bak.”

“Sound gud, Cwimson wike tu see Bwute homesies.”

With Brute leading the way, the two cannibals trotted over to the edge of the park where Bonnie was sitting on a bench, she smiled as she saw Brute approaching her, a new friend in tow.

“Hey Brute, I was wondering where you got to.” Bonnie noticed the bloodstains around his mouth and wiped them off. “I see you’ve been busy.”

“Uh-huh, mummah dis am Bwute nyu fwiend Cwimson, Cwimson num udda Fwuffies tuu.”

“Really now? Tell me Crimson, are you a feral or a house Fluffy?”

“Cwimson hab a daddeh if dat wha yu askin. Dummeh huwt his weggie an need gut u doktow, Cwimson git own nummies tiww he betta.”

“Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear that.”

Crimson shrugged. “Daddeh am fukin dummeh sumtimes.”

“Well still, it’s not safe for any Fluffy to be outside for too long, how about you come home with us and you can stay at our house for the night.”

“Cwimson wike da sound of dat. Yu nice wady, if daddeh nu fukin mummah Kat-A-Wine den Cwimson fink he wike yu.”

“My my, you are a rather forward one aren’t you?”

Crimson smirked. “Yu nu knyo da hawf of it wady.”

After a short drive in Bonnie’s car, the trio arrived at Bonnie’s house. As soon as she opened the door to let them in, Brute raced in, begging Crimson to follow him.

“Dis way Cwimson, come meet speciaw-enfie fwiend an babbehs.”

“Happy wittew fuka ain’t he?” Crimson whispered to Bonnie.

“He’s just excited, he and Axel have been trying to have babies for a long time, he’s happy to show them off.”

Crimson thought Axel was a weird name for a mare but said nothing, Fluffies often had strange names. As Crimson went through to join Brute, Bonnie called through from the kitchen.

“Oh, don’t let Axel get too excited, he’s still healing from his operation.”

Ok, Crimson definitely heard a HE, confused he rounded the corner to see Brute and a creamy coloured unicorn with a brown mane and two brown front legs huddled around three chirpy-babbehs, the two of them looking over the foals with love and devotion.

Even from a distance, Crimson could tell the unicorn was a stallion…

Brute looked up at Crimson and smiled. “Cwimson, dis am Axew, Bwute speciaw-enfie fwiend, and dis am ouw babbehs, dis am Bootcha, an Mewedith, an dis wun hewe am Beaw. Dey bestesh, mosh speciaw-babbehs eba. Bwute hab biggesh heawt-happies tu be daddeh.”

Crimson stared at the odd little family, Brute was clearly overjoyed at his mate and his children, Axel seemed quiet but happy as far as Crimson could tell. But the foals still didn’t make any sense.

“Uh, Bwute, yu knyo dat Axew am stawwion wight? Nu can hab babbehs.”

Brute stopped and stared at Crimson, almost insulted by his words. “Axew can, dat babbehs dewe. Bwute hab wots of enfies wib Axew, gu sweepies, wen wakies Axew hab babbehs.”

“Bu dat nu wight. Cwimson nu judge, Cwimson fuk a few stawwions himsewf wen nu mawes awound, bu stawwion nu can hab babbehs. Dat nu how Fwuffies wowk.”

Axel seethed and put his hoofs around the foals. “Pwease nu say bad wowds neaw babbehs.”

Brute was getting annoyed at Crimson. “Den whewe babbehs come fwom? Bwute am enfie-stawwion so nu fwom him, Axew am speciaw-enfie fwiend, wake up wiv babbehs neks tu him. He mush hab had biggest poopies an nu weawise.”

“Wisten, Cwimson fuk a wot of mawes, seen babbehs bown wots of times. Dey awways weawise babbehs come, huwt wike a mummahfuka.”

Axel seethed again. “PWEASE. Nu bad wowds.”

Having finally had enough, Brute stepped up to Crimson and puffed out his chest. “Dummeh Cwimson am jeawous Bwute hab bestesh speciaw-enfie fwiend. Fot yu wewe fwiend, yu jus meanie.”

“An yu jus dummeh, nu can see twuth coz nu wan tu. Wan stay dummeh coz it e-see-er. Yu nu wan wisten tu Cwimson, fine, Cwimson nu waste mowe fukin time wiv…”

Suddenly Brute pounced forward and was on top of Crimson, holding a hoof against the Pegasus’ skull.


Crimson was surprised, sure Brute had the advantage of surprise but Crimson soon found that he had no give, no way of pushing Brute off him and taking him down. The impossibly strong Crimson had found a Fluffy stronger than he was.

It scared him a little bit.

“Ok, git off. Cwimson gu, nu wan stay hewe wiv Bwute dummeh famiwy aneeway. Bwute nu come neaw Cwimson gain, ow Cwimson gib yu fowba sweepies.

Before Brute could say anything, Crimson turned and left the room, passing a shocked Bonnie who had run through to see what the shouting was. Crimson gave her a wordless stare which she understood, without arguing she opened the door and let him leave.

Crimson didn’t know how, but it suddenly felt a lot colder now.

The next day, Brute returned to the park with Bonnie, he hoped to find Crimson and try to make amends, it was so rare to find another cannibal that he didn’t want to ruin things based on a misunderstanding. So far he was having no luck until he smelt something, it smelt like blood.

Fresh blood.

Following the scent, Brute found a little clearing in deep among the bushes, it was the den of the Fluffy family he’d been chasing yesterday. At least it had been.

The young colt was laying in a pool of blood, Brute didn’t know if he was dying from his guts being ripped out of him or if he was choking to death on his father’s testicles. The stallion was laying in a bloody mess next to his son, all four of his legs smashed to pieces, his cock and balls had been torn off, as had his eyelids so he was forced to watch what was happening to his mate.

Brute looked over the mare, both of her front legs had been broken off, one of them had the bone jammed into one of her eyes, the other was stuck in her mouth, muffling her cries as behind her, soaked in blood and with half a chirpy hanging out of his mouth, Crimson enfed away, not stopping even as he noticed Brute enter the clearing.

“Enf, enf, enf, enf… GUD FEEWS!” Crimson yelled out as he finished inside the sobbing mare. Pulling himself from her, Crimson approached Brute, a wicked grin on his face, only stopping to stomp the broken leg deeper in the mare’s eyes, killing her.

“DAT! Is how yu hunt Fwuffies.”

With a final sneer, Crimson pushed his way past Brute and went home. Even despite his recent fun time, Crimson was in a sour mood which followed him all the way home, and the harder he tried to forget about Brute, the more he found himself thinking about him.

Because deep inside him, Crimson regretted how his short friendship with Brute ended, he’d never met another Fluffy like him and the first time he does they argue over fucking babies of all things. It was a bullshit argument and Crimson knew that, but he wouldn’t allow himself to admit that, then he would be wrong.

How could he be wrong? He was Crimson.

As he climbed through his secret hole in the fence to get back into his garden, Crimson was pissed off to find a herd of six Fluffies already inside, having made a dent in the lawn and some of Josef’s flowers as well as a metric fuck-ton of shit all around the garden.

The Smarty, a black and purple spotted unicorn, stormed up to Crimson and puffed is cheeks. “Dis am Smawty wand, dummeh wingie Fwuffy weave nyo ow…”

Crimson punches the Smarty in the face so hard the bones breaking off his face embedded themselves into his brain and kill the Smarty instantly.

“WE AWWEADY DU DIS FUKIN BIT!” Crimson cried out, sending the other Fluffies scrambling for the fence, in the mad rush to escape at least two of the Fluffies were crushed to death. Crimson ignored them and found his food bowl on the porch, mostly untouched since the Fluffies couldn’t climb the steps to reach it. He solemnly dug in to fill his stomach, but still felt off after he was done, his mind still on Brute.

Then he heard the peeping, and looked on the lawn to see a chirpy-babbeh had been tossed off in the rush to escape. Crimson smiled and approached the little thing, his mind no longer on Brute.

Who the fuck needed friends anyway?

Thanks to @swiftbitches for allowing me to use Brute and his family, hopefully I did him justice here


GAH!!! This story is awesome! I love it and you definitely did everyone justice :,)


Nice to see the cameo as well as some small amount of character development for Crimson!


Crimson is such an endearing psycho. He’s actually a fluffy that doesn’t completely disgust me.


I love this crossover so much!!


Ohhh nice crossover…man thats one big tension between. Brute and Crimsom :scream:

Awesome self “adventure” for early Crimsom.


The crossover I never knew I wanted!


“Wait, iz Cwimson sewf-awawe?”

Hippolyta shrugged. “Hawd fow teww. Nebah bweak fowth-waww, but when con-tin-uities cwoss awways affect main chawactews.”

The mini-micro-fluff nodded. “An’ Cwimson iz main chawactew. Napowean bet mowe peopwe wead fow Cwimson dan fow daddeh Josef.”

“Pity no was Shawk an’ Scotty,” the tan mare sighed.

“Dey aweady have speshul fwens doh.”

“Mama Kathawine have daddeh Josef and dat no stop Napowean fwom fwiwtin’ wid hew.”


“How wong tiww daddeh Josef?”

“Not wong. Daddeh habin’ bad wuck wiff heawth tho…”


This was an interesting read. (Is it weird that I thought of how my characters would react to crimson and other characters?)


Not weird at all. You create, so it’s like having a toy. I’ve been “playing” with Napoleon and Hippolyta in the comments here as they do their own country, plus wonder how they’d react to Crimson if @bfm101 was writing the story since we’ve got different senses of humor.

Hell, after starting to read the Maroon stories I was wondering how my little feral herd run by a unicorn named Jade would react if they met up. She wouldn’t like them at all, I’m sure.


I’m glad I’m not the only one.



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Oh Sweet Elder gods I didn’t now I needed that until I read it. Oh good to see Brute and Crimson but at one point I thought they would square of like Hulk Hogan and The Macho mann. And I let you guess who is who in my mind.



Interesting to see that Crimson’s memory is actually closer to that of a human’s. Smart of him to remember the way back to the park from Bonnie’s home, even if it was a short drive. Could realizing that there are fluffies stronger than himself prompt Crimson to try to get stronger as well? Guessing it could be possible to match or surpass Brute but not Spike due to how Crimson ends.

Also how does this fluffy park still exist when cannibal fluffies can roam around and capture most of the pet fluffies with little trouble? It’s a great concept, though if Brute ends up getting more of his daily meals from the park, then I think smarter owners would catch on eventually.


I’m not sure how often Brute feeds at the park but that was Crimson’s first time there - he prefers staying closer to home but ventured out while he had the freedom. And all they killed was one smarty who might have been a runaway and one feral family so not enough to worry any owners.

Though I guess if you’re trying to play fetch with your Fluffy you don’t want them stumbling onto a pile of blood and bones.


Good point. Crimson and Brute would be sensible enough to choose their targets and killing/feeding locations wisely before acting, as shown in this story. Limiting prey to ferals and smarties is also a good tactic. Probably people don’t really care much for either group, even owners of the smarties in some cases hehe.


Brute being sensible is like Crimson being kind, he just starts playing with other fluffies and eventually like a dog he slowly gets rougher and rougher until he’s chasing a battered and screaming fluffy who “don’ wike dis game no mowe!”. Him and Bonnie are banned from like 3 fluffy parks cause he’s killed and eaten 23 fluffies between all three parks. He mostly just eats kibble in between hunts, like Crimson he doesn’t have much of a taste for sketty as well cause he’s broken through that programming.


hulkamania would run wild all over him


It took me a lot longer than I care to admit to realize the crossover. Took all the way until the name Axel popped up.


Please, please!! make more interlude stories with josef and crimson. I love their fucked up dynamic and their creative ways of killing fluffies.


Crimson have Heart Hurries cause he can’t have Bromance with another cannibal… Who is Gay like that’s kinda progressive to see a cannibal fluffy having a family with another stallion

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