How do you feel about justice enfies?

Y’know smarty rapes mare/stallion/foal and gets raped in return by stallion/herd/etc…
I don’t feel like truly good fluffies would be ok with it but I keep seeing it used as an accepted form of vengeance to fluffies. Thoughts?


It depends on the story.
I don’t think it should be the norm at all but if handled well, I could see it being ok, at least storywise.


I made a little rapist into an enfie pal for the whole herd.

And made him like it.


Read it. It was perfect UwU Gus am bestest fwuffy :heart:


Eh, they are imaginary


An eye for an eye
A fluffy who rapes becomes an enfie-pal


No I get that. It’s just would a fluffy that is depicted to be good (feral or domestic) be okay with doing it or it happenning at all in retaliation to his rape? I keep seeing justice rape be used and it feels wrong for a wholesome good fluffy to accept it.


Depends: if we are using the ‘an eye for an eye’ system than yes if not than what is truly different between them giving it to another. Oh? a higher power? higher power my arse just because you decided it was right. Too put it into perspective it’s like having a rapist be mercilessly fucked in todays modern judicial system: whoever gives that punishment is as bad as the one whom they sentence too receive it. The only system that provides reasonable justification for this is the ‘eye for eye’ system.

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I think the biggest thing is the story being told and the setting involved. I was actually just wondering about that myself.

For instance, not appropriate for my “Fluffy Jobs” series. TOTALLY wrong. But for the setting of the Trap Foal? It’d make sense.

The main trick is that it humanizes fluffies, removing their innocence. This makes them very good story telling tools, but also deviates from their dumb-as-bricks roots. Some folks don’t like justified abuse, same as some folks don’t like abuse for abuse’s sake. @eirinym has a great story going where it factors in, and also deals with the consequences for it.

Its tricky, I think. @Foxhoarder has a good thing to read regarding rape as well: Tips for Artists and Writers by:Foxhoarder

The whole topic isn’t something that should just be blundered through just for the sake of being edgy. I think it needs to be thought through and you should decide if you’re trying to say something or not.


All enfin’ is equal to me. Because it happens to fluffies and… Who cares what happens to fluffies?

I think its a fine, whatever way you do it. All that really matters is that it fits within the story you are telling.


Sa is a no go for me, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


In general it’s not for me but if a skilled writer can pull it off in a credible manner, who am I to raise a fuss?


I can say I don’t like it. But it’s not really easy to express my feelings about it—mostly I think rape in all forms is bad. The only thing salvageable from it, for me, is to demonstrate how badly it can affect people.

I think in the community, I’ve read a lot of work that seems to focus on it like it’s humorous to see a male fluffy ‘take it’. So if I were to use it more than extremely rarely, I’d want to treat it carefully.

This isn’t meant to be directed anywhere, I’m just offering my take. It’s personal and how I intend to approach it in my own work.


Justice justified any thing is always shit


Depends on headcanon but personally I see fluffies way more similar to animals, they are docile and get scared easily but still can hold grudges, specially the smarty kind. Their minds are also very simple, if someone gets cocked it’s because either it’s special friend’s love or as a punishement. In those cases might be the second, smarty was a meanie, punish smartie.


an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and an ass for an ass


I personally embrace the headcanon that fluffies are generally incapable of true malice, but can still be aggressive under stress, like a good natured dog who nips when its tail gets pulled.

And this includes the ability to hold a grudge, in the same way that a dog or a child might.

All-in-all, I think an average fluffy, if you just asked them, would be aghast at the concept of “bad special huggies” for any reason, even revenge. I doubt they’d think it’s fair or accept it as a norm.

But in the heat of the moment (confrontation with a bully, pressure from their owner, etc) emotion and/or instinct might prevail and perhaps be rationalized later.

(This is just speaking in-universe, of course. How this trope gets used in our stories and what that usage communicates, or fails to communicate, is its own subject worthy of discussion.)


its rape. nothing justified about it. moralize it however you want, it’s still rape.


I’ve had some friends who went to seminary suggest that was more about equivalent punishment rather than “you hurt me so I kill you.” Less about minimums and more about maximums.

Hrm… I follow a Jewish rabbi in Twitter. I should probably ask what she thinks.


Malicious rape in general doesn’t make sense for fluffies. Special huggies are an act of love, so using them to intentionally harm someone would not only make no sense, but ruin their whole point. That’s actually why I like fluffies getting raped in the first place - because sexual abuse is so deeply wrong and evil that their innocent little minds could never conceive it on their own.