How Long Is A Mare's Gestation Period?



About one month.

It’s all in the head cannon but the general consensus is they are fast breeders and the whole process from bred to birthed is generally a month at most.

Depends on the HC

Usually about a month.

I’ve seen outliers as low as 1 week, and as high as 4 months, for “standard” fluffies. Micros may be 3 days to 3 weeks. I’m not sure we have a consensus for aquatic breeds.


As everyone else says, depends on headcanon.

Mine personally have a gestation period of 3 months. One month for each trimester.

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Really varies from weeks to a month or two. I think I’ve seen a few old stories say a few days. That said it’s not important unless it is to a story plot.

As long as the plot says.

Given that in my canon ponies (if they’re lucky) live 5-6 decades, and some breeds produce large litters, I figured 3 months was the right amount of time.

I also go with 3 months :slight_smile: It’s long enough to get a fluffy into a new season,such as fluffy can get pregnant in autumn and have her foals in winter.

It depends on each headcanon but normally it is from 4 to 5 weeks a little more than 1 month, depending on the race of course. In my headcanon the “base fluffys” are usually 4 to 5 weeks but if they are in cold seasons they can even reach 10 weeks due to slow metabolism. but the microfluffys have the ability to reproduce in only 15 days. (As I said, it depends on the headcanon) Honestly, if it took them more time, I think they would die because of how clumsy they are and how sensitive mothers are. But hey, it also depends on how long you want to give a fluffy mother the time to have a pregnancy again (in my opinion, taking away that capacity for 1 month, which is the normal time that a foal no longer needs so much milk, would be something very logical. )

Headcannon. An old one I stuck with is two weeks from conception to birth two weeks from birth to breeding ready.