How much support is there for a Fluffy game in Unreal Engine?

Been a long time lurker in the Fluffy community, filtering in and out of different posts and trends. And over the years, I’ve seen countless Fluffy game projects get taken up and then largely abandoned in the concept phase before any playable demo, game, or practical work is even done. A handful of games have launched which are amazing, but there’s yet to be something of a definitive game with the Fluffy theme. Hoping this post not only gauges if it’s possible, but maybe even kickstarts something.

From what I’ve seen myself there are two roadblocks to making a Fluffy game: talent and a plan. The Fluffy community is amazing and while there’s always wide support for a Fluffy game, there’s little talent backing it up. There’s few people familiar with scripting or programs like Unity or Unreal Engine that can actually contribute, so a lot of the support doesn’t go anywhere because there’s no one to advance the scripting part of the game.

Another big issue is the lack of a roadmap. A lot of Fluffy game projects (including some old ones I’ve worked on myself) end up getting bloated with features and ideas before anything is actually produced. That’s not a bad thing; creativity is needed for a large, expansive Fluffy game. But without a roadmap that properly allocates when each feature should be worked on and released, dev teams get really discouraged when they can’t do everything at once and then end up giving up the project altogether. It’s an unfortunately chronic case of biting off more than you can chew.

So with that being said, is there anyone with experience with scripting or using Unreal Engine that would be interesting in working on a Fluffy game? On my end, I have some experience and also my own background in developing Fluffy games and a fleshed out roadmap for development and game features to avoid that development burnout that happens when biting off more than you can chew at the start. Always down to chat more about it here or over on Discord!


Yo solo lo estoy queriendo hacer en unity pero aquí hay uno que creo un juego en unreal engine

Unfortuntely I can only read Spanish but can’t write it, so I’ll have to reply in English!

Yes, the UE game you’re referencing is Fluffgen. I prefer Unreal over Unity because Unreal has a vast majority of free assets built into the engine that are ideal for a Fluffy game (nature assets for a wilderness map, building and construction assets for an urban map, etc). It completely eliminates the need to hire 3D artists for anything except very Fluff-specific objects like fluffies themselves, stuffie toys, etc.

Plus, the blueprinting scripting model of UE is a lot more user friendly and more people can learn it easily rather than actual scripting, which is what Unity uses.


Must have torture and deep psychological abuse options. I have no interest personally in a fluffy farmer game.

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I have pages and pages for a development roadmap that I won’t clutter up here but in short, the underlying theme is a sandbox whereby the player has the freedom to act as they want.

Wanna make borderline torture rooms and strike fear into the hearts of any fluffies that spawn? Go for it. Mild abuse where you pillow them or deny them food? Sure. Wanna go the hugbox route and run an ethical fluffy farm? Go nuts - the systems would be purposefully designed to let the player choose what to interact with and what to avoid.


The best kind of game then. Thank you for your reply. I wish I could help but I know only old HTML and CSS.

I hope GR voices are in the cards. Nothing like the way she does foals screaming.


No experience in game-making whatsoever but I look forward to where this goes, here’s hoping someone can help! We’re in sore need of more fluffy games with detailed torture options.


Ope, there goes another one. Start the countdown until OP permanently leaves the community due to the psychological pressures of such an impossible task being undertaken.

Tell Icepick we say “hey” whenever you get where he went.


Well I’ve been in the Fluff community since ~2011, so think it’ll take a quite a fair bit to drive me out now, thanks.

Not to mention I haven’t committed to making anything; this post is here to gauge the level of palatable support a game would have.


Aye, ye speak too lightly of… the curse!

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Would you post the devmap here?

I’m actually working on a mini fluffy game in Unreal 4. I’m thinking of calling it either Fluff Town or Fluff City. So far I’ve created 90 percent of the external environment, that being what the player sees when they walk around the town. I haven’t been able to code any npc’s or anything in general. I’m trying to learn that all from scratch.


This has my full support.

Anybody with an iota of experience in game design needs to join the cause ASAP. So many ideas for Fluffy games have been thrown away due to people losing passion. For fuck’s sake, please let this be the one that finally goes to fruition.

Start asking around various communities for people with experience in Unreal Engine. Let the word be known that the world needs this game.


I swear fluffy games are cursed. The whole category is cursed.

thats that nathan fielder show