How to Check your Fluffy Mare for Breast Cancer, by RQ (33985, 33992)


Not gonna lie, I’m surprised I haven’t seen more stuff about fluffies getting cancer, considering how woefully feeble their biology is.


Fluffies generally don’t live long enough to get cancer, imo.


Yeah I was actually just thinking earlier too: has anyone ever written about a fluffy dying of old age? Hugbox or not, I don’t recall ever seeing that.

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Its very, very rare. I vaguely recall a handful of pics on the 'booru of elderly fluffies that showed them dying of old age.

Of course, headcanon varies wildly regarding how long fluffies can live.


My first story had two die off of old age

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Nice plug, respect. Might check it out.

New top surgery method just dropped.


for bonus points adopt a load of chirpys to then have her look after them, and watch how she cant provide any milk anymore and point and blame her for all the babbehs starving to death. :star_struck:



Tag Hugbox? xd

Headcanons tend towards them having fragile body structures, but robust immune systems & trauma recovery.
Hope the vet in question is Hasbio™ certified, by the way$

Personally I’ve always figured they’d be incredibly fragile, planned obsolesence and all that, plus health and safety since they’re meant to be children’s toys.

If a child and a fluffy pony run into each other, what should happen? Should the child be hurt? Of course not, their parents could sue! No, far better than the fluffy pony fucking disintegrate on contact. Hence, bones as brittle as glass, skin as tearable as paper.

Then the owners of said fluffy will have to rush out to the nearest store and buy a new one (or so Hasbio would have planned, prior to the population explosion caused by ferals)

Omg I’m laughing so hard :rofl:

( DANGER: textwall ahead )
Again, structural fragility & resistance to ailments are not invariably the same. Morbidly obese people can survive direct physical damage healthy ones cannot ( many of their vital organs are harder to reach, for one thing ) but the strain on their system can complicate recovery, or living in general.
To the extent they could overcome their own incompetence, Hasbio™ produced fragile, harmless creatures, with the responsibility for protecting them from accidents being squarely made the buyers ( & how many Hasbio™ protective products they were willing to purchase ) problem. However, “faulty” biotoys are harder to get away with, as being prone to disease & other “system” failures is easier to trace back to the manufacturer - compare to electronics, if you will. Also, when an expensive product is damaged, but not immediately destroyed, people tend to be more able to pay for repairs - by officially approved Hasbio™ biotechnicians, of course!

Finally, having your entire batch of biotoys dying from fluffy foot & mouth disease before they can be sold off can be annoying.


Just get some scissors and snip those suckers off. At least that’s what happened in a dream I had once.

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I liked this story of a fluffy getting chemotherapy.