How to link other posts in a post

Just made the next page to my comic and I want to put the link to the first page on that post, how would I do that?


If you highlight a piece of text, then press the button that’s two links of a chain, it’ll automatically open a box to let you convert that text into a hyperlink. For example, go back to the main page here!

Make sure you’re at the top of the post though, because otherwise you’ll link a comment instead of the comic itself.


1: Copy the webpage address of the page you want to link.

2: Go to edit on the page you want to add the link to. It’s a small Pencil icon at the bottom of the page.

3: Click on the image that looks like two interlocking circles - it’ll say hyperlink - and you’ll have the option to paste the webpage address and add a title (for example Page 1 if you want to link the first page of your comic to the second)


Ok! That is wayyy easier than I thought it would be. You never know how much coding some of these types of posting websites want you to do upfront lol. Thank you ^^

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Thank you also, im gonna screen shot this so i can remember for next time aswell :>

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Would you believe it’s even more simple now? A recent update to Discourse made creating hyperlinks so much easier.
Once you have the link on your clipboard, highlight the words you want to make into a hyperlink, and paste.

On most systems this would replace the highlighted words with whatever was on your clipboard. But here it makes a hyperlink.

I got way too excited when I discovered this functionality


Oh I found that out when trying to replace a piece of text in the chat. It threw my worldview all outta whack! I’m still not used to it so I just use the chain.

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