How to write Foal In a Can

I’m wanting to write a little story about a foal in a can. But the whole Be Fluffy opener is kinda lame. So I’m looking for foal in a can stories from the foals perspective. Anybody got any suggestions or links?


Some psychological horror could add a lot of flavor.


“Am Fwuffy! Wub miwkies!” you say excitedly back to the voice.
“Fwuffy! Wub miwkies too!” Now this was a conversation! Some real dialogue was happening here.


I remember a story that has a perspective a of a foal being born and described its experiences even before it can open its eyes…i cant remember what is called tho. But youvcould do something like that describing their birth, these strange experiences, hearing your mother but she doesn’t embrace you into warth, something big grabbing you and putting you somewhere, inserting something uncomfortable in your lower orifices and placing you into something with a warm pad you laid on and milk in your face and then its just quiet…

That coukd be a nice start to your story. It could progress with the foal maturing to the point of oprning their eyes or a sudden drop and getting picked up by a human before that or the can shattered and left in the cold scary world even before you opened your eyes, etc. Theres slot of ways you could go about it just depends what box you wanna put it in or general different themes.


This foal stays in the can for the entire story and you get lots from her perspective