how will in universe media change due to fluffies existing?

so fluff tv exists, but what about other various cartoons like the ones teaching kids what things are? will they add fluffies into their repertoire of animals that they make exist on farm episodes? kids might get confused if they watch old episodes without fluffies in them if that’s true.
will there be magazines in the grocery store with false advertising on how to get an alicorn foal every time you breed fluffies? will there be re-enactments of actual mlp episodes taking place at conventions? will there be magical girl fluffy anime? (fluffies being either the girl or the sidekick) will there be science fiction about what if fluffies didn’t exist?
more important question, will there be badly written fanfiction about fluffy ocs like how there is and was with wolves?


Honestly the younger the kid the less they care about such details if anything should have fluffies are not. As they’d noticed the pretty shapes and colours than an actual plot to follow. Just like fluffies. But on one end grittier movies would eat fluffies up like candy as they’re perfect for presenting themes and tropes cheaply.

Want something to tell the audience that a character hits rock bottom? Knock em out for any reason in an ally and get them enfied by a mentally sick fluffy trying to get of between the folds of their clothes. Have a character have a psychotic break or furious rampage by brutally stomping on a dam or a dam with her weaning foals. All without using any practical effects the fluffy viscera would be all the props they need.


I think that’s not only probable but definite. Money is money, if there’s money in selling tabloids about fluffies then someone’s gonna do it. Not to mention the possibilities for horror movies, gore could be raised to a new level by just using real gore as long as you just mask or remove the fluffy corpse.


Media be like how it always was? Dishonest, biased, and always spouting doom and gloom?


the American Dream