Hugbox Discord Event Thing (Rosetea)


I may or may not be being held against my will to do an event thing in the hugbox discord. (Pls join they’re bitching it’s too quiet in there lol, link at the bottom.)

For a TLDR: Check the bottom paragraph I guess.

Anyways, I’m announcing it here so that we can try to grow the place a bit. It’s a hugbox event, so only UwU you got it?

Event is basically a fluffy pageant. The fluffy must be a bebbeh, either talkie age, or an older chirpy age.

Your goal is to create the most absurdly cute thing imaginable. I’m talking straight rainbow vomit. I’m talking the most cute UwU wots of wub and huggies wan kissies and pway fluffy you can possibly make. This thing is the embodiment of cute and precious.

You get the picture? Go as crazy as you can with the adorableness. If someone isn’t vomiting from the cute overload, it isn’t cute enough.

The event will last from Today, through July 15th. Place your event images IN THE DISCORD if you wish to participate. The voting will take place there.

The prize will be: 1st place gets $20 in PayPal (or discord nitro, gift card, whatever works for you)
2nd place gets $10 through PayPal (or nitro, or gift card.)

TLDR: Hugbox event in the discord, make a really cute foal. Prize is $20.

Okay that’s all love you bye.

Scream at me if the link is broken. I’m a terrible server owner lol.


I have a feeling that after the pageants over a lot of these fluffy, aren’t gonna make it

Pageants are like the hunger game on crack


Are we talking art or writing? Because my Stevie Fartbox is one adorable, gassy little guy, but I’m not in a position to draw atm.

Here’s a pic I commissioned from FedChem:


Either way works, though art would catch more attention from people. So whichever one you’d prefer.


Ty, ty!

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Wait, there are discords?

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The main fluffy servers are The Fluffpile, Casual Fluffy Farm, and Fluffy Hugbox

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Oddly enough, the hugbox one has the most unhinged shit in it. Hugboxers are basically the hello kitty girlfriends of the fluffy community.


It’s definitely worth checking out the hugbox server, all three have their own unique culture


The Fuffyhugbox server is warm and inviting, but also fun


link broke

The link is broken is there a list of all the discord servers I think drawing live there will allow for people to give me feedback while I draw.

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Try now


I think it should work now I hope lol

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