Hugbox Farm, A Poem for Children author:Wangew_wick


A Poem for Children, by Wangew Wick

Somewhere in the South stood a hugboxer farm
where fluffies could live out their lives free from harm.
But the biotoys here all believed they could fly.
All the fluffies at this farm were fast pegasi.

The wingie-fluffs played in the bright morning sun,
and ran all day long 'til their day was all done.
They ran in the meadow. They ran way up high
to the top of the bluff, as though it were the sky.

Old Mr. Hinkley made sure they had balls,
blockies, and spaghetti, and stuffy-friend dolls.
The farmer loved fluffies, their friendly demeanor,
and all the manure that made grasses much greener.

He hugged them and loved them as if they were kids,
and swore he’d never hurt them, “Nu wuv? God forbid!”
Their voices were shrill, but he loved them the same
and he knew each and all of three hundred by name.

Odin was the biggest,the great smarty-friend.
The old farmer considered his help a godsend.
Strong Deimos and Phobos were twins from one brood,
the toughies made sure no one wanted for food.

Old Remus was oldest of all of the fluffs,
he taught the herd toughies how not to be rough.
Cutie, the attendant, helped mares have their foals.
She was barren, but made “bestest babbehs” her goal.

There were many more fluffies than they’d ever count,
and even more once they’d decided to mount.
The herd were all happy, naught ever went wrong.
And the barn always rang with high-pitched mummah songs.

But one day their whole world all came crashing down.
And the cheers were exchanged for more dolorous sounds.
Pegasi all stopped playing, and all thought, “why bother?”
Grown fluffies cried out for their mothers and fathers.

The balls were abandoned, and so were the blocks,
they no more dreamed of flying—the whole goddamn flock.
They kept eating “sketties”, but no more gave thanks,
some would even steal food, and nip each others’ flanks.

The stallions’ boredom could not be appeased.
“Special huggies” were soon replaced by “bad enfies”.
Dams who were unable to cope with the shame
started smothering foals to eradicate blame.

Tears flooded the farm as the pegasi wailed,
their dignity having been quite well assailed.
What caused the huu huus? 'Twas the strangest of things:
a much increased demand for fried pegasus wings.


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