HugBox Mares have Secrets... (AmbitiousLeather8309)

With Aiden so ill and out of work for so long, and Trish at home taking care of the fluffies while he recuperated, the human financial troubles overflow into the yard. The enormous chunk of money that Rachel, the Racing Fluffy Director had thrown at them was dwindling down fast, as money often does.

Even though Hermie is incredibly intelligent for a fluffy, he can makes poor choices at times. Perhaps humoring Sunny’s romantic notions was not the best idea. Hermie had never been just one mare’s ‘special friend’ before.

He had sired dozens, maybe a hundred foals, but had never really been a Daddeh before. Studs are discouraged from getting too attached to the mares. Often he doubted if he could handle being part of a proper family.




Uh oh! It appears that Hermie and Flower decided to sneak off behind Sunny’s back while everyone was asleep. Is Flower even ready for pregnancy and birth? What will they tell Sunny when Flower is undeniably pregnant?

Time passes lazily in the midsummer heat and one humid, cloudy morning, there is a commotion at the nest houses. Hermie is dutifully comforting Sunny as her labor begins.

The first foal is a pegasus filly with a creamy pale orange coat and brilliant fuscia and orange mane and wings.

The second was a sturdy little fella, a buttery yellow unicorn colt with lime green mane and tail.

The last was a little colt with pale pink curly fluff and a bright fuscia mane and tail, curly like his mummah.

“Sunny biggest heart happies mummah again,” the exhausted mare whimpered between tears of joy, “Thwee pwetty bebbehs, thwee pwetty nohmawl size, widdle bebbehs.”

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The Young and the Brainless


Omg! I love hermie soooo much, he is adorable!