Hugboxer (by: NekuChan)

So I’ve been working on this comic for 2 days and still on sketches, it’s gonna be my longer comic yet and I got stuck on some part of the story since my idea sudenly flipped and I lost track of the story since I tend to draw on the way and not previously write something. Anyways wanted a little break today to draw some humans and practice a new hair style yet fluffies still appeard on my sketch so I ended up doing a face reveal of Rex and Dolly’s owner. No name yet since I’m bad with those so she is just the Hugboxer girl for me.

EDIT: The girl’s name is now “Melanie” thanks to @I-Wub-Gwittew !


Cute :heart:


Way hello there :heart_eyes: she is a wise owner too :blush:


Very cute!

How do you decide on skin tones? I never quite know what to do on those, nevermind for sharing or other details.


woww, just that

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Love this pic! I especially love the kind eyes you gave this woman, makes her look motherly in the best way possible!

If you’re willing to take a request, could you name the woman “Melanie”?

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Honestly I just pick a color and go around the tone area until I find one I like depending on the colors I’m using, in this case pastel colors tend to be more “grey” if the drawing has brighter colors I pick more on the pink/brown color.

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I’m bad naming but that sounds like a cute name! :slight_smile: Melanie it is!

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She cute.

how come I didn’t give this post a like before

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you don’t know how much i love this .


Adopted fluffy is realy good :wink:

How adorable.