Hugboxer’s breaking point pt. 5 [by dunnomaybe]

Chaos, but it’s going towards what I want.

Was given money as compensation for getting most of my stuff destroyed, first thing I bought was a batch of the ink pens I make these with.


Kill the fucking Bitch mare, Or make it so she can never have any fucking foals again. Ooh you know what, Make her eather fucking baby she had with the smarty. You can’t comprehend how much i want this Worthless piece of shit of a mate to fucking suffer .

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I mean… cannibalising the dead to feed the living isn’t THAT terrible, yeah it’s probably traumatic as hell for the mum but the psycho does recognise that eating the dead babies will produce milk for the ones that live.

On the other hand, it’s only by her hoofs that the dead ones are dead. Which means she’s far too sociopathic to be left alive and can only be sorted with a hammer to the forehead.


This comment killed my depression

i hope the Psychopath Mare Dies the first . I haven’t Hated a Mare this much in my life ,

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May start working on a gift fluffy for ya

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Pastel I could cry, that’d be most lovely!

gonna be a girl and more well mannered rather then this psycho bitch

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Ayyy glad to hear that!

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Buuuuuut helping yourself to the expensive liquor is still an option.

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Difficult to tell if the two dead newborn foals are brown (poopies) or not, but anyway, so far, the helper mare doesn’t seem to have done anything wrong so far.


The “helping” mare deserves to be a goddamn milk bag at this point. Fuck her.

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I’m siding with you on this one, cannibalism of stillborn or disabled foals is the sort sociopathy a feral herd would need to survive. Killing healthy foals because of a preference for brightly coloured coats is just going to hurt them in the long run.

So brutally slaughtering her is a kindness if you think about it.

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