Hungry Babies (1/3) By: eidalac

“Daddeh! DADDEH! HELP BABBEHS” Apricot shouted, dashing into the kitchen fast enough to slip on the flooring and into the side table with enough force to leave a bruise, despite the fluffy. The panicked mare was in no state to notice.

‘Daddy’ sipped his coffee without any visible concern or interest while the fluffy ‘pawed’ at his leg.


Micheal let out an indifferent ‘hmmm’ as Apricot continued to shout between pants.

“MIWKIES PLACE pant NU pant WORK BABBEHSpant NEED huuu huuu huuu.” her energy spent, for the moment, the fluffy fell back on her hind quarters to sob.

“Now, Apricot, since you seem to have forgotten, let me remind you,” Micheal started, picking up the fluffy and setting her on the table. It was normally forbidden, but served as a good forum for ‘serious’ discussions.

“You asked to have babies, I told you had ‘sickies’ and couldn’t raise them. You ran away, found a ‘special friend’ and showed back up two weeks later.” He looked up from his phone for the first time, adding “with Fleas.”

“I told you, again, that you could not care for babies, but you… insisted. Something about ‘worst hurties’ if I didn’t let you keep them.”

Apricot nervously sucked a hoof, worried by her daddy’s voice. It wasn’t his scary voice, but it was the voice just before that. Daddy was saying lots of words, which meant he was blambing her from something. Daddy always blamed poor Apricot, but she was a GOOD fluffy and was going to be the best mother.

She just had to get her milk places better. Why didn’t he understand?

“Apwicot need miwkies for babbehs. Daddeh help. huu”

“I can not. You.” He started, but was cut off by a screech “YOU DUMMEH DADDEH YOU NO HELP BABBEHS!”

After metaphorically putting a foot in her mouth, the fluffy physically inserted her hoof, as her brain caught up to what her mouth part just said.

“NO I TOLD YOU, YOU CAN NOT HAVE BABIES BUT YOU WOULDN’T LISTEN. I CAN NOT HELP.” Michea’s voice boomed. He could rattle the walls when he wanted, and did have some temper issues. This was half an act, but a fluffy wasn’t sophisticated enough to catch on to the forced portion of his outburst, even if she wasn’t currently distracted by him hauling her up and marching to the safe room.

She clung to her tail, for the moment wholly focused on keeping in her bowels. Her brother had made scared poopies in the big room once and daddy took him away forever.

As the pair turned into the safe room, the pile of foals weakly started to peep in the direction of the noise, all of them soiled due to the earlier outburst - not that there was much considering they hadn’t fed yet, just what little was in there system from the womb.

Apricot was deposited in front of the foals, and instinctively started to sing, pulling the babies to her teats. Their desperate searching and prodding found only the tough band of electrical tape that stood between them and a vital meal.

They were already 10 minutes old and were visibly weakening.

“DADDEH huu huu huu WHY NO MIWIKES huu huu huu Apwicot eat bestest nummies why no bestest miwikes huu huu huu.” She continued to move the babies around, only increasing their panic and her own. Tears filled her eyes as she sobbed.

“Why huuhuuhuu.”

“Apricot. Daddy told you this would happen. This is why you listen.” Micheal set a small, collapsible playpen around the tragedy. He had enough interruptions to his morning as is, and she needed to come to terms with her mistake.

“This is what happens when you do not listen to Daddy. I hope you remember this in the future.”

She didn’t seem to notice, falling back into a song between weeping.

Michael shut the door and left her to the doomed litter. He had a vet appointment setup to have her sterilized, and hopefully this would sour her to further urges. Honestly he had expected her to mention the black patches on her teats, but that’s fluffy for you.


At least she can run around the house without chaffing her nipples now.


Stoopi mummah u hawve sickies

Always a silver lining, yes?

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It’s black electric tape though, silver lining would be duct tape. /SarcasmEnd


I needed this in my life. Disproportionate punishment as a form of abuse. Yeah, killing the foals is cruel and could be seen as abuse, but this all stems from Apricot running away and getting knocked up AFTER her owner said no.

This finds that nice middle ground between caring owner and abuser that I enjoy so much :smiley:



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It was deserved.

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