Hunting Wabbits: Meet The Herd [By BFM101]

I’m still writing the next chapter of Hunting Wabbits, but I figured to help everyone understand the size of this herd – and help keep track of who everyone is – I’ve created this key to understand who is who in the herd.

Chapter 2 should hopefully be up tomorrow.

Alpha: Smarty leader of herd. Dark green Alicorn with a grey mane, scar over right eye.

Beta: Head toughie, right hand man of Alpha. Dark blue Pegasus with a red mane, VERY large for a Fluffy.

Charlie: Potential litterpal of Alpha, full relationship unknown. Solid brown earthie, missing both back legs

Delta: Alpha’s mate, bright pink unicorn with white mane, glossy coat, suggests designer origins.

Echo: Toughie, orange unicorn with red mane. Quick to anger

Foxtrot: Toughie, light blue earthie with pink mane. Special-friends with Sierra

Golf: Toughie, grey Pegasus with black spots and white mane. Surprisingly agile, can move quicker than expected.

Hotel: Toughie, yellow unicorn with light blue mane. Newest ranked Toughie, finding the training tougher than expected, broke his leg during training.

Indigo: Toughie, purple earthie with black mane. Bad digestive tract, gives worst smelling sorry-poopies around. Enjoys enfies with Kilo most.

Juliet: Enfie Mare, peach Pegasus with yellow mane, broken wings and missing both front legs. In a constant state of forced pregnancy and forced miscarriages, psychologically broken.

Kilo: Enfie Mare, light red earthie with orange mane. Surprisingly happy for her role, potentially barren, just enjoys good-feels.

Lima: Enfie Mare, lime-green unicorn with pink mane. Former nurse-mare who tried to escape, punished with lifetime of enfie-abuse, misses her foals.

Mike: Food keeper, solid blue unicorn with yellow stripes. Almost as clever as Alpha, keeps food numbers in check .

November: Food keeper, black earthie with orange mane. Stands guard of food, happy to hit anyone he deems getting to close.

Oscar: Food keeper, light brown unicorn with white mane. Former forager, now has broken left front leg. Keeps order during feeding time, dishes food out according to Mike’s rule. Papa’s brother

Papa: Forager, dark brown unicorn with white mane, Oscar’s older brother, overly protective of his young brother.

Quebec: Forager, dark red earthie with grey mane, special friends with Tango.

Romeo: Forager, solid piss-yellow earthie, massive creature, almost as big as Beta. Frequent rapist with a special favouritism for Juliet, often killing his own unborn foals.

Sierra: Nurse mare, dark yellow Pegasus with black mane. Head mare after Delta, takes care of all babies, kills any alicorns or potential smarties to keep Alpha’s rule intact. Special friends with Foxtrot.

Tango: Nurse mare, orange earthie with brown mane. Former poop eater that got promoted once impregnated by Quebec. Loves all foals equally.

Uniform: Nurse mare, white unicorn with lilac mane. Been of a dimwit, loves babies but doesn’t remember which are her own.

Victor: Teacher, light grey unicorn stallion with dark green mane. Older fluffy, slow in his elderly age, missing front right leg.

Whiskey: Teacher, cream coloured Pegasus mare with dark yellow mane, former house-fluffy who was let-go for being barren, teaches about good poopies and fair playing.

X-Ray: Teacher, all-over black and white striped earthie mare, dishes out frequent punishments for foals who don’t listen, likes breaking legs.

Yankee: Newest herd member, dark brown earthie stallion with dark green mane, forced into role as newest poop nummer for herd. Special friends with Zulu.

Zulu: Newest herd member, light brown unicorn mare with cream coloured mane, newest teacher to the foals. Just forced to sacrifice all but one of her foals. Special friends with Yankee.


I hope Josef takes note that they’re named after the NATO alphabet, I assume all are named by alpha, maybe his owner is a military guy and taught him that as a fun party trick.

I think Charlie is related to Alpha, because he’s very close to him naming wise, his missing back legs make him a huggy fluffy, not a fucky fluffy. Hmmm maybe a brother that gives him hugs sometimes? because even Alpha could use a hug from somebody who truly loves him and doesn’t fear him or love his power more than anything else.

You could also show Alpha raping Charlie next chapter and prove me completely wrong :laughing:

I’m very excited to read this, I hope the extermination is gradual (one by one leaving Alpha till last) and personalized for some fluffies especially the one that enjoys special hugs/alicorn killer.


The herd will be named by Jonathan as a way of keeping track of them all, in reality none of the Fluffies have names but I don’t want to be referring to 20 odd characters as ‘Fluffy’ all the time.

They’re all feral - except for maybe Delta - no previous owners.


Yeah, that could lead to some “Who’s On First?” shenanigans.

Could be kinda funny though.


“Fwuffy on fiwst?”

“Dat wight.”

“Who dat?”

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