I dids a thing [thatmotherfluffer]


What the fuck is that thing supposed to be

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Cannibal “fluff”

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That’s not a fluffy.

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That green li’l unicorn is super adorable, but the other thing is … uh … a Disney gargoyle? I think?

It’s a cool-looking demon monster thing but absolutely not a fluffy. And if it is, why is it so big?


In my hc, cannibal “fluffs” sre kinda like gators. Rather than dying of old age, they grow until they cant find enough food to supply their growing bodies and die.

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“Headcanon” only applies when your fluffies stick to the core tenets of what a fluffy is. That cannibal does not.

You can’t “muh headcanon” your way into making anything you want. That’s not how it works.

For clarification take a look at rule 12 here.

Quite frankly, if it wasn’t for the green one on the right, this probably would’ve been deleted by now.


It looks like something that would’ve happened as a result of Leprechaun fucking a Gizmo and having a baby with it.

not a fluffy

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