I have been thinking about writing a new type of fluffy story

So for Context: Well it is about a young guy who feels a sharp pain in his head as his soul get taken into a another world with fluffies but he a fluffy now and has to live the challenging and dangerous life as fluffy and found out why this happen and how to get back to his world.

If have any ideas it be much appreciate, yes your fluffy ocs can appeared in this story if you want also I will be respond to every ideas or question that people have.


Oh so isekie anime plot type shit?


Fluffy iseki

Jeez Louise now I’ve seen everything
Add video game mechanics and a harem while you’re at it go all the way

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I should say thank you now gotta enf enf them all

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I think it could be a fun story. Go for it. Any Ideas for a basic plot? Will they still have their full intelligence or will they have fluffy intelligence, but their human memories?

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Both kinda okay let put like this to make it easy so he has human intelligence but fluffy programming so he only override but some not so much and there a reason behind why he can override only some if it, sorry I can’t tell you more just don’t want to spoil it.

I’ve been wanting to do a mock-up poster and “screenshots” from a made-up film concept for FluffTV that’s a parody of Brother Bear where an abuser becomes a fluffy. I haven’t done it.

I LOVE the idea of a human being forced to be a fluffy and seeing how awful it is. Maintaining human intelligence but being utterly weak and incapable.

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