Ideas for a Fluffy Runner game that will never be made by Fall Out Boy (artist_jberg360)

This idea is a side scrolling platform game were you are rescuing your herd and escaping various places. As you find more fluffies your herd gets bigger and you can switch out what type you are playing as. Sort of blend between Oddworld and Pikmin

Earth is your basic character and deal more damage
Pegasus fluffies can jump a little higher and get to ledges and things the others can’t.
Unicorns have weak telekinesis
Blasting with poop can stun your enemies but you need to eat to recharge.
And pregnant mares can rapid fire enemies (Tk combo allows you to move them up and down when firing)

Levels would be escaping from Abuser house, Fluffy Runner, junk yard, hugbox horder, obligatory sewer level, city park, mad labs science building, and even sketti land.


The Oddworld style sounds exceptionally appropriate for a fluffy based game.


being able to switch the fluffy for any situation reminds me of Lost Vikings, would be fun like a secret alicorn ng+ character that got all traits in 1 lol


Oh, there’s a MMO mouse racing game, where you compet in live time, switch out the mice with fluffys and we’re half way there lmao


biggest poopies idea: one big biggest poopies sends out a large clump of foals that then exploe out when they hit something. A Foal-ket launcher.


Reminds me more of lemmings if anything.

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