Ideas for Fluffy’s

So this is my first post so here I go

abusebox fluffy’s

  1. For micro fluffy because of their size there always getting attacked by Insects and mostly spiders and wasps and because their the size of a human Hand lets say their always getting attacked by Ants any ant Would do.
  2. Normal fluffy’s doesn’t have gag reflex’s Just like horses they have problems with chocking so if so Put legos or something small in their skettis TO DIE.
  3. Egg laying bugs Ok so there are wasps that lay eggs in fluffy’s so their tail Must MUST have poop on it for Flys and maggots to live in the tail.

Hugbox fluffy’s.

  1. Female fluffy milk taste like whip cream but more milky like.

  2. Baby fluffys may have more fur when they get older.

  3. Fluffy’s body needs a lot of milk or cheese for there bones to be stronger and make sure if females they have no Diseases or problems in the udders but males must MUST be checked if any tumors around their nuts.


Your weird so umm GO CRAZY!!!

Now if your all box but not weird

  1. Female fluffys if they have big poppies make sure you have gloves and check for smell if not the baby and the mare can die.

  2. Male fluffys fight to be leaders in the herd.

  3. Because we have sea, land, big, and etc make a ice age fluffy 1 example was a marsupial Fluffy but some could grew bigger then a normal Fluffy by 5 inches taller and they are very very easy for carnivore snacks plus their fur can be for Fur shoes


A mad doctor sent a herd of fluffies into the past. They evolved into big fluffs and somehow live to our days


By Evolution


But no Fluffy’s are actually horses that was failed to fully evolve so the shrank down to a close relative of marsupials to live off


Or they are actually the real predecessors of modern horses


Yes good job Dr.Owl