If at first you fail to succeed... (by recreationalsadist)

An extremely pregnant yellow female fluffy was in an alleyway singing to her unborn foals.

“Soon-Mummah’s miwkies wiww bwing aww da babbehs tu da yawd! Soon-Mummah couwd teach ya, but fwuffy’d have to chawge!”

Who had taught her that song?

The soon-mummah’s name was Sunshine.

Sunshine’s special friend trotted into the alley. His name was Sports.

The mare looked happy to see him and the grassy nummies he had brought.

“Speciaw-Fwiend! Yu bwing nummies fow Soon-Mummah!”

Her special friend nodded.

“Am bwing yu bestest gwassy nummies fow tummeh-babbehs.”

Sports had run away from home to get special-huggies but had only had them with Sunshine.

Sunshine nuzzled Sports.

“Am gwad yu nu am stiww maddies about nu speciaw-huggies untiw babbehs come.”

Sports was still mad about it, but he didn’t let it show even if sex was all that was on his mind.

Sunshine quickly ate the grassy nummies Sports had brought.

It was parsley.

Sunshine felt a bad feeling in her special-place, then undeveloped foals blasted out of the back of her and onto the alley wall behind her until the wall looked like a Jackson Pollock painting.

Sunshine screamed.

“NU!!! TUMMEH-BABBEHS AM GU FOWEBEH-SWEEPIES! huuhuuhuu, am mummah-nu-mowe.”

Sports put his front hooves up to his face, feigning shock and horror.

“Oh nu, how howwibwe!”

He quickly segued away from that though as he moved up to his special friend.

“Su since da tummeh-babbehs am gone we can habe speciaw-huggies nao, wite? Dat way yu habe nyu tummeh-babbehs and nu wiww be saddies nu mowe.”

Sunshine just sobbed.

Sports got up behind Sunshine and sighed. Then he just mounted her and started enfing away.

Sports would get away with his horrible actions unless some brave and talented author decides to write a continuation where he received a comeuppance commensurate to his misdeeds.

Author’s note: I was inspired to write this by @BFM101 's comment about how actually smart fluffies use their intelligence.

I’ll probably write a continuation to this myself, but if anyone wants to write a followup feel free to as long as you tag me.


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