If hatred had a face by(that1hugboxer)

This is a continuation of A long way from Brisbane by(that1hugboxer)

You are Cadwyn, you have made a huge mistake and now true to his word Daddeh has you strapped down to a table awaiting amputation of your limbs.

You look up at daddeh with tears in your eyes.

“Daddy! Please nu take Cadwyn legs! Am good fluffy!”


Your ears fold flat against your head out of fear.

“You had one Job Cadwyn. ONE JOB!”

“Buh dat am dummeh babbeh.”

You point your hoof to the Half crushed body of a crying Waru.

Daddeh begins to sob angrily.

“I gave you a food , a place to live, plenty of friends, I gave you love, and all I asked in return is for you to feed Waru 3 times a day!!!”

He picks up Waru .

“P…Please forgive me Waru!”

With one swift motion Daddeh snaps waru’s neck and the crying stops.

Daddeh turns to you with tears rolling down his face.

“ Cadwyn …This is not something I just chalk up to fluffy stupidity .”

You plea with Daddeh.

“Cadwyn pwomise nu du it again! Daddeh pwease! was accident! was accident!!!”

But Daddeh just ignores you.

A black bag is placed over your head and you feel a slow but steady drip of water hit your head in a rhythmic pattern.


No response

“Cadwyn am scawed ov da dawk!!! Nu wike Wawa!”

“DADDEH!!! Pwease sabe Cadwyn!”

You cry out over and over for daddeh but he never answers. Eventually you start to see monsters in the darkness.

You cry until your voice is hoarse but still daddeh never answers.

“Hu! Hu!!! H…… peep! Peep!”

This goes on for what feels like an eternity until you simply cry yourself to sleep.

You awake to find yourself in the light again . You feel something wired clamped around your bottom.
You look down in horror as you realize you’re wearing a diaper. You attempt to protest out but something is wrong something is missing. You have no teeth.

“Wahhhh!!! Duh duh!!! Duh duh !!!”

Daddy walks up and places a bowl full of fluffy mush in front of you then sits in his rocking chair and smokes his pipe.

You are so hungry that you eat it all despite how bad it tastes.

You realize that you still have all of your legs.

“Duh Duh! Peez gi Cadyn teeheez bah!!!”

Daddeh smiles at you briefly before picking up a book to read.

You continue to beg over and over for Daddeh to give your teeth back but to no avail .

This is your life now and though you are well taken care of you now wish for nothing more than it all to end.

But You can’t even express your desire to die.

You attempt to cry but all that comes out are shrill “PEEPS!”.


I mean, if some asshole hurt my cat, I’d do the same to them. I can’t blame him.

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Mr Kukatja as you will see later, has done some
Very bad things in his past, but even he still has lines he won’t cross

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Being evil and being a monster are two similar, but still different things, with every monster being evil but someone who is evil is not always a monster. The difference being, one has a line they are very reluctant to cross or will never cross, and the other doesn’t have that line.


You take his baby, he make you da baby.


Fluffies, you take your eyes off them for one minute and they fuck it all up. She had one job, just one job. Felt sad for Waru.

Water torture is some shit I do say.


Honestly I am in the camp that is glad Waru died painfully to be honest, Greatful even.

I gotta throw you guys a bone every once in a while