if Jellenheimers is a demon fluffy, then is there an angel fluffy?

i found Jellenheimers very interestings in terms of lore and plot aplications, so i was thinking in a being that is the opposite of then, a fluffy-like being that help fluffies instead of killin them, is there any comon headcanon or im creating something new? (really doubt it tbh)


No, or at least mostly no.


I suppose technically your definition would cover The Growler, if I’m remembering the name correctly.

Basically, a post-experiment fluffy that had been modified by a spectacularly amoral scientist to be actually somewhat physically tough. I recall it being the size of a medium dog, with quite sharp teeth, and a scar over one eye.

It murdered smarties, saved foals from stompies, especially saving poopie-babbies, and warded off humans, or steered herds away from the human settlement. Kind of went into legend as a fluffy-like cryptid.

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@fylo-so-fluffy Jellenheimers didn’t really start out as demon fluffies. They were badly-drawn foals. That they became “yet-another-creature-that-abuses-fluffes” is more the by-product of a fandom that became more focused on abuse

That said, and regarding a fluffy-like being that helps fluffies, there was a god fluffy that I came across, a concept created by Tricornking.. There could be a few more like this, but finding them will be hard.

@TurboencabulatorSounds too similar to hunter-fluffies, Xibalba, et al. The kind of helper fluffer deity/angel I think OP is referring to focuses more on the saving as opposed to hurting, which had become rare over time, admittedly.


Short answer: no.

Longer answer: As far as I know, the only angel for a fluffy is a beneficent owner who keeps them as a pet. The closest thing to a fluffy that qualifies as helping them is another fluffy in the form of a competent herd leader.

Everything below this is strictly my headcanon

In my headcanon, however, the competent herd leaders eventually succeed too much in keeping fluffies alive. The biggest successes are three gigaherds - communities of a billion or more feral fluffies - that absolutely devastate the ecologies where they dwell, causing the US economy to fall apart. The subsequent hardships lead humans to start eating fluffies out of desperation. To everyone’s surprise, fluffies turn out to be tasty. Nearly every feral fluffy is re-domesticated, and 99.9% of fluffies are now food animals.

So, in my headcanon, the success of those herd leaders has led to the fluffy species thriving. There are tens of billions of fluffies in the world. 99.9% of them live happy and contented lives. And every week, a billion are slaughtered for meat.

Happy ending? I leave that to the reader.

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I have never considered Jellenheimer’s demons. I consider them somewhere between beings from the fourth dimension and elder gods like Cthuhlu.