If there was a virtual fluffy pet game, what would you want in it?

Hello! Ever since I’ve joined the fluffy community, I’ve dreamed of playing a virtual pet tamagotchi like game with fluffies. After finding some games but none that truly gave me that tamagotchi feel. So I’ve decided I want to try making my own from scratch.

I have some ideas: I want a game where you can either love or abuse and have the fluffy interact with you. I really want the possibility of psychological abuse as well, and I might try creating an ai, but I also know that is the deep end of programming and I am a mere beginner. The basics is a very nice place to start where your fluffy eats, shits, and gives love. Starting off with one fluffy to take care of, I want to be able to have multiple fluffies interact, make friends or enemies, and specifically be able to have babies they can take care of.

I wanna know any things any you would like to see in a game such as this. I’d love to get the communities input and what types of things you’d like to do in a game like this.


Randomized behavior based on treatment would be neat. A fluffy that is well taken care of being well behaved versus a poorly treated one becoming problematic or even going smarty or even Wan Die if neglected too much. :heart:


the one thing I always look/hope for in a fluffy game is the ability to breed fluffies, or raise a fluffy from a baby to adult. I would like if we can choose between getting an adult or baby when getting a fluffy.


perhaps there could be a random chance a fluffy that is taken care of too well, or spoiled, can become a smarty too


Settings for how much the setting of the world is. Idyllic to normal to life sucks.

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Heavy abuse options like pillowing, forcing it to eat it’s own shit, force feeding, violent neutering.


Then it would be rated M

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Check in with Fluffgen and its developer, Icepick Vasectomy. We might as well pool effort into one project tbh


Two things, really:

  1. A cheat code that makes all the fluffys hellgremlins so I can feel free to go to town on them.

  2. Multiple save files: One so I can do ‘normal’ hugbox gameplay and another for… basically my first point

@IcepickVasectomy Hint hint wink wink nudge nudge


When you think virtual PET theyre usually for general audiences.

Obviously I’d want some sort of “fluffy farmer” mode where you can harvest milk (low stress), tears (medium stress), and/or meat/fur (very high stress, would need to conceal from the rest of the fluffies), from your fluffies, and maybe even earn money this way.


Proper feedback to the user.
Once the 0’s and 1’s can give you a somewhat believable reaction to your abuse/love, it’s good enough to ship out the door.

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Something like the Chao Garden in the Sonic Adventure games. Because Sega won’t.

One of the reasons I like fluffies is that they remind me so much of Chao. You think abusing diminutive, colorful, childlike creatures is a new idea? Then you haven’t seen what some people got up to in the Chao Garden.

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youre gonna be waiting a long time

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A chance to overthrow the pastel/neon colored fluffy hierarchy with an army of poopeh colored fluffies!


Hopefully so.

lmao implement AI into the fluffy so it feels more alive

AI doesn’t get fluffies. Believe me, I tried. Maybe a model trained specifically on fluffy stories, but that would be an awfully shallow amount of training data.

Honestly, I would love a text-based game something like Corruption of Champions or Free Cities. Something the community could contribute scenes for as development proceeds.

Focus, the two main options that occur to me are herd management or breeding - with CoC as the basis for the first and FC for the latter. In the first, you’re a smarty that sets out to create their own herd. You’d need to find and stockpile nummies, prepare for the cowd times, promote tuffies that will follow your orders and protect you from upstart smarties, find mares to breed, ect.

In the second, there’d have to be some element of training/teaching. Fluffies would pick up bad habits from one another depending on how you respond to them, for example, but over-disciplined or abused fluffies would go into the wan-die loop, turn the other fluffies against you, or act out. So the ‘ideal’ path for someone trying to be a successful breeder would be moderating punishment just enough to get the message across. How you teach them could also determine how they react—or overreact—to their foals. A well disciplined mare that knows not to take bad poopies, for example, might severely punish, maim, or kill her foals that do, not being able to recognize the subtle difference between punishment and abuse. On the other hand, a poorly disciplined mare might allow them to pick up bad habits that would be hard to break. Logical challenges for the player should arise no matter if they play as a hugboxer, an abuser, or a more middle-of-the-road approach. Spoiled, out-of-control fluffies in the case of the hugboxer who never disciplines them, fearful fluffies who would rather soil themselves in fear than obey you in the case of an abuser, and the consequences of them misinterpreting the lessons you’ve taught them and taking them to extremes in the case of the middle path.

FC would make an ideal basis for this. Every fluffy would have a description, values such as obedience, independence, ect, personality traits that might necessitate special approaches to training or complicate it…