I'm Back, by Swindle

So, took a while, what with the site changing, none of my web browsers liking the new security tags on the site, and never getting an email to reset my password (which I fortunately remembered). But I’m back, baby!

If you have any stories of mine that haven’t been uploaded here yet, please message me with them so I can upload them. Otherwise, I’ll continue uploading what I currently have and hope to stumble across more eventually. And who knows? I may just work on a new story or two, or finish some old ones, with enough motivation.


Can I request a conclusion to Shit Fiesta’s shitty awakening

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Sure. Might take a while before I can deliver, but sure.


I have infinite patience.

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Wow and I just was perusing the old stuff. An inventive microfluff story would be great.

Good to have you back, Swindle. BTW, I sent you a message last May with a link to a bunch of old fluffy stuff all collected on a single archive. It included the missing Applefluff segment, the one where her foals are born. Should I re-send it?

Welcome back!

It’s a pleasure having you back. Thanks for your effort in finding your way back again into the fold!

lifestyles of the rich and fluffy!

Good to hear. Welcome back!

Come back :frowning:

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A conclusion to basement breeder would be pretty cool. Love your work my man

One of the best writers, is back.

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