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Status: Regular
Notes: Upcoming vocal cord extraction

Red (1): Nuuu!! Nu take pwetty babbehs! Take dummeh poopies!
Red (2): Weave pwetty babbehs wif mummah! Nee miwkies!!!
Black: Heavens! Yes it is noisy!

(I’m pretty sure “escandalosa” means “loud/noisy/disgraceful” in this context, anyway. Feel free to correct me, my Spanish sucks, I’m just a fan.)


Your translation was just fine by the way, mine just has slightly more accurate fluffspeak, which usually helps.


Could it be scandalous?

It can mean that, but it can also mean loud, and given the words in the picture…

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The blue-green one looks fine, is it only a poopie because its tail is brown?


True but its a very dull blue-green on top of the brown tail, so if it was just a bit brighter or had just about any other tail color it might have passed- but these days if its not just about visible in a dark room, its not even worth the effort of grinding up grass clippings and unwanted fluffies into a kibble to feed a milk mare to keep the little shitters alive to sell.

Or the worker just dropped the foal due to being startled by the mom’s outburst ( would explain why its loudly squeaking instead of weakly peeping like the other two rejects ), take your pick!

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I apparently have much more of a soft spot for green fluffies in general than most of the fandom.


Oh I agree, though I prefer the duller, more ‘natural’ colors on a fluffy- makes them far less uncanny valley looking, at least until they start chattering anyway. Not that I’d (probably) ever adopt a fluffy if they were real. I do just adore the pathos of them being literally arbitrarily decided on via color appearance merely seconds into this world, probably by some tired and underpaid worker who might have given the foal a chance if only its mother didn’t begin throwing a tantrum at the worst moment. Now the newborn gets only a ride to the grinder, if its lucky exposure will kill it before the gears do. And not a drop of milkies to hope for.


Oh yeah, I’m a natural hugboxer but still wouldn’t want a fluffy in my actual home unless it was mute. I’m childfree for a reason.

A pandemonium, in other words.
I am slightly pregnant :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Take all the babbehs, leave the mummah. If she won’t love them all, she’ll lose them all.

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I actually like the green with the tan\beige tail reminds me of hunter colors

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new roomie post???