I'mma keep on askin

This time I need I need a sibling idea on what to draw. It could be sad, happy, neutral.


conjoined twins navigating around a pet show obstacle course


Two siblings having a crush on the same other fluff, but knowing the other fluff likes the mutual crush so doesn’t do anything because they want their sibling to be happy and have a special friend. As such, neither makes a move on the potential special friend.


Siblings pulling on either side of a rubber band, thinking it is a sketti noodle, until it snaps.


This is so wholesome and funny, I love it with all my heart. An idea from me, twins playing a prank on another fluffy that has no idea there are two of them. One of them hides, another comes out from a different place, acting like everything is normal.

Twins being used for magic tricks, like teleportation or cutting a fluffy in half.

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One brother keeps asking his twin if he wants to play but they keep going around in circles asking each other ‘What do you want to play?’

The reveal can be sadbox or moronbox.

Sadbox ending - The real twin brother is long dead and the living twin is talking to his reflection in a window because he can’t bear to face the truth.

Moronbox ending - The real twin brother is alive and confused as to why his idiot brother is talking to his reflection in a window.


Two fluffies are in love, but their owner won’t let them have babies. So they run away and live in an alley so they can be together.

They have babies, and they’re real dumb. And then you find out the reason their owner wouldn’t let them have babies is because they are siblings. And on top of that, already inbred designer fluffies with a bunch of recessive genetic disorders.


Two poopy babies sad cause they are their mothers last babies and even still she refuses them milk and love.

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One fluffy tormenting a sibling by sitting on them non-lethally.


East of Eden: Fluffy edition.

Here two that are fall themed:

Moronbox: a leaf falls on a foal and they plead with it not to ‘num’ them as their siblings run away.

Hugbox: foals chasing each other through a big pile of leaves.

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A performing foal that is too depressed to do a gig because it used to dance with its siblings.

So the owner gets inventive so they can still dance together.


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I used to do that with my siblings all the time. It made them laugh so it was worth it lmao


An older sibling playfully teasing the younger litter while Mummah sleeps. Telling scary stories, setting them up with impossible dares, noogies.

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Big sibling playing ‘upsies’ with their foal siblings. ie - like how parent pick up their kid and lift fling them upward and catch them. Either a short distance or high. (potentially tragic ending due to lack of thumbs/fingers)

Mother asking an abuser for their ‘babbies’ back. The abuser gives her back her oldest which is nearly an adult. She asks about the others.

The next big baby has been nested inside the oldest child and the foal inside the big baby like a nesting doll by removing some internals for storage.

Fall harvest: Young walkie/talkie foal is put on big babies back. Big baby stands on a pair of their older brothers backs who then stands. The young foal can now reach stuff the nummie finders couldn’t as they pick them and drop to the ground for collection.

A pillow fluffy has fluffy stem cells applied to their nubs and then bombarded with radiation. At first it looks like legs grow but it turns out to be foal siblings for legs.

This could be Back to stomache/shoulder at which point the four lesser fluffies are carrying the main body like a living sedan chair.

Or the fluffies backside is connected to the shoulder joints and they stand on the chest/front legs like voltron legs with heads acting like feet. The back legs are unused save for support for leaning/sitting.


Had a long comment thread with the author about this if you want more details. :slight_smile: