Improper care of a ForeverFoal pt. 3 [by Maple]

There are very few things as satisfying as a plan coming to fruition. Years of planning, looking for the right candidates, purchasing and setting up equipment, and now you would get to finally reap your reward.

“Pwease… daddeh…” You ignored the twisted form of the teal fluffy within its cage. Always moaning for a daddeh that would never come. You flipped on the milking machine hooked up to his miniscule penis, hearing him moan in agony as his seed was sucked from him. You needed no more of it at this point, if everything went well, but it never hurt to have a backup. You may still need another litter out of him.

Leaving your lab space, you jogged down the hall to the closet-turned-saferoom. Throwing open the door you startled the pale purple mare within.

“Daddeh am baksies!!” She cheered, holding up the foal she was hugging to you. A worthless white and blue affair. “Mummah miss yu su much! Babbehs miss Daddeh tuu!”

The foals gathered around you, chattering about their wub for you. You were so happy to be able to rid yourself of these extras.

“Where is the purple one?” You asked, scanning the room.

“Gwape?” The mare spun around, looking for her last foal.

“You… named them.” you said flatly.

“Mh-hm! Aww guud babbehs am nee’ guud namesies!” She picked up the white and blue foal. “Dis wun am Awmow, an dis am Fwuttah, am dis-”

“BAD UPSIES! OWWIE!!” You yanked the newly named Flutter up by her pink mane, dangling her over the crowd of foals.

“Daddeh pwease be carefuw wif’ babbehs!” She scrambled towards you but you kicked her away.

“Where is the purple one? I’m not going to ask again.” You grabbed the foal’s pale yellow wing with your other hands, digging your nails in until it screamed.

“BABBEH?! WHEWE AM GWAPE BABBEH?!” the mare yelled, running around the room frantically.

After a moment of yelling the blanket pile in the corner shifted, and a purple foal with a pink and lavender striped mane lifted her head, blinking sleepily. You dropped the yellow foal and stepped over to your perfect unicorn foal.

“… Wha’ am…?” She asked as you picked her up.

“Pwease be nicey wif’ Gwape!” the mare pleaded, holding her sobbing yellow foal.

“Her name is not fucking Grape.” You snapped at the mare. “Her name is Twilight Sparkle.”

“Buh… Mummah name hew-”

You stomped your heel down on one of the foals, its pink fluff squishing out from under your foot as you crushed it to death.

“BABBEH!!” the mare screamed.

You yanked her up by the mane. “Tell her what her name is!”

“Babbeh Gwape am- NU NU NU!” With her wrong answer you slammed your heel down on the pale orange earthie foal.

“Her name is TWILIGHT SPARKLE. SAY IT!!” You shoved the trembling foal into her face.


You dropped the mare roughly to the ground, scraping the remains of her foals off your shoe. She sobbed behind you as you left the room with your prized foal trembling in your grasp.

“My apologies, my princess.” You said, lightly stroking the terrified foal’s mane. “I mean you no harm, I just need to remind you who you are.”

“Am… am Twiwight…” the foal mumbled.

“Yes, good. You’ll be feeling like your old self in a moment.”

The foal yelped as you entered your lab, seeing the twisted stallion in his tiny cage. You covered her eyes as you walked past. It was a shame that a princess would need to see something so distasteful. You set her gently into the metal tube of the transference device, patting her on the head softly.

“Not long now. This might hurt. A lot.” You slammed the glass door shut as she protested, tears streaming down her face.

You hooked up the wire leads to the cage of the suffering forever foal, hands shaking in anticipation. He didn’t bother to address you, which was just fine.

After a quick once over of the output tank to ensure everything was in place you put your ear defenders on, took a deep breath, and flipped the switch.

Immediately you could tell that you should have gotten better ear protection, as the screams of the fluffy in the cage hurt you even through your protective equipment. The arcing electricity sparked between the bars of his cage, his limbs thrashing and flailing as he screeched in agony. You stepped back, following the wires taking his agonized energy to the purple foal who screeched as well, slamming her hooves against the glass until they were splattered with blood. Following the wires and pipes from there to the output tank, you looked excitedly through the thick bluish liquid. The form within stirred slightly, and your heart fluttered.

Red lights began to flash from the machine, you stepped back away from it. The smell of burning fluff filled the room and the twisted stallion smoked lightly as it twitched on the bottom of its cage. The tubes connecting to its waste management system had disconnected, spraying waste and blood on the wall behind it but you didn’t care. You would clean up later.

The red lights turned solid, and the stallion fell to the bottom of his cage, still as a corpse. You removed your ear protectors slowly, taking in the silence of the room. Had it worked?

You peeked into the tube you put the foal into to find it blood smeared but empty. A loud buzzer sounded, and your heart leapt into your throat as you spun to see the lid of the output tank open.

The blue liquid bubbled and stirred, and a large purple hoof hooked around the edge of the tank. You rushed over, grasping the other and helping to pull the damp equine form from the tank.

She slid onto the floor, fur slicked down from the fluid needed to preserve her form. You knelt next to her, watching her side heave with every rasping breath, practically vibrating with anticipation.

Her violet eyes flicked open, and you gasped.

“…hm…?” A soft noise escaped her throat.

“My… my princess… welcome.” You bowed your head low to the ground, tears brimming in your eyes as you took in the presence of the one and only Twilight Sparkle.

“Where… am I?” She asked, struggling to sit upright.

“Reality, m’lady.” You helped her into a sitting position. “Take it slow, it may be some time before your body is fully back under your control.”

Twilight looked over herself, her damp fur, her cutie mark on her flank, she gave her tail an experimental flick.

“And… I have you to thank for bringing me here?” She asked

“Yes, m’lady. It took so much work and research and planning but…” you ran your hand down her neck, brushing her striped mane into place, “it was worth it, for you. I would… I would do anything for you.”

Twilight Sparkle nodded. “You’ve done well, I’m sure I can… think of some way to thank you…” she bit her lip as she smiled.

“Oh… I mean… I wouldn’t…” you stammered as she stood up slowly, arching her back like a cat as she stretched. Your eyes were drawn to her supple haunches and her swishing tail teasing what was hiding beneath. Your breath caught in your throat and you looked away just to catch the mischievous eye of the mare as she stood fully above you.

“I’d be happy to repay your kindness, Master,” she gave you a sultry wink as she spoke, “if you would be so kind as to tell me the date first.”

You immediately scrambled to your feet, ignoring the demands of your loins and rushing for your phone resting on a side table. Flipping it on you froze seeing the date on the screen.

“No… no it… it can’t be!” Your fist tightened around it, as if you could threaten the device into showing you another date. “Please! I-I worked so hard!!”

It was April first.

Author’s Note

Happy April fool’s day, fellow degenerates!

I am so sorry to everyone hoping for another chapter, that was a one off story that I don’t intend on continuing. I had this planned before I saw requests for continuation so… sorry!

Hope you enjoyed it!


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Goddamn. You really pulled a Thankskilling 2 on us Maple!


This is brilliant and made me laugh.


I was hoping for fluffy torture and ended up with… idk wtf this is. As an april fools joke i kinda get it. Fun fact, i convinced my poor mother i had AIDS today and she was upset but laughed later.