In Loving Memory of Ricky Bobby, CarniviousDuck's companion '09-'20; Art by Weston_Hafsen

Those of you who have not had the pleasure of speaking to CarniviousDuck may not realize that the duck he so often features in his artwork was based on a real drake.

Earlier this year CarniviousDuck was kind enough to grant me an interview for his 1000th post to Fluffybooru.
During this interview CarniviousDuck told me a little about Ricky Bobby and the decade they had spent together.

This week I was saddened to hear that Ricky Bobby had passed away.
CarniviousDuck seemed utterly crestfallen to lose his companion.
Therefore, I thought it fitting to memorialize the creature that gave inspiration to so many of the images we’ve enjoyed, and to extend our condolences to the artist that introduced this character to our lives.

Rest well, friend.


Rest in peace Ricky. May you be in heaven thirty minutes before the jellenheimer knows your dead.


Behind every legend is another legend. RIP, Ricky Bobby. I hope CD takes care of himself.


CD is in a tailspin of despair and depression that only drinking my self blind can solve


Been there, buddy.
Numerous times.
To be honest, I was in a similar state when I first found our fandom.
…and your artwork was part of what brought me out of it.
So Thank you.

Know that you’re on our minds,
and our hearts go out to you.


What he said. But one must seek happiness where he can find it. Enjoy the rampant boozing. From what you said about Ricky Bobby before, it seems Weston drew him true to life. That was not a duck who had any regrets, it seems. Take care CD, I hope you can be immensely proud of Ricky’s life even as you mourn his passing.


Ricky Bobby was healthy and happy thanks to you, so you did well. He lived a good and long life. I hope that you will get better.


Hey CD, just wanted to say sorry for your loss man. You’ve been a wonderful part of the community so long that I want you to know you’re very appreciated. I hope the coming days get easier on you. 2020 has been a really shit year overall and this feels like a cherry on top of a shit sundae. RIP Ricky Bobby.


It always hurts to lose a friend… All my love to CD, you’re an excellent artist and an important figure in our fucked little community.
Just keep in mind that we love you, buddy, even if we don’t actually know you very well.

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Duck was one of the biggest staples of the motherland before our exodus.

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All the more reason for us to gather round him in his time of need.

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Hey duck you might not know me but I’ve been a fan of yours for a sizzling second now. Your art was actually one of the first instances of the fluffy cult culture I ever saw. I was hooked from day one! If you ever need someone to vent to. Just email/ PM me. I promise I’ll reply ASAP. HANG TOUGH DUCK!