In search of a new castration method. (by: artist-kun)


Talk about reinventing the wheel.


See, when you use a bowline, it doesn’t slip. You have to use a slipping knot like two half hitches or a noose.


Maybe you used the wrong string Maybe fishing line would work


Oooops! THAT didn’t work! (Kekhehehe)

The first panel is just one of my favorites!

Technically speaking, just banding the foal would be the simplest. All ya need is a rubber band, and patience.

Then again, that’d take the fun out of it, so what do I know?

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One of my favorites from the old Booru. Wasn’t this posted during dick ripping week?

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Banding doesn’t leave for fresh fluffnuts though.

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I laughed picturing a truck with fluffy nuts dangling from the hitch like ‘truck nuts’.

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That’s how my parents got rid of my loose teeth

Meanwhile somewhere there are some really hardcore people who simply use their teeth like some farmers do with sheep. :flushed: