In search of nummies. (By: artist-kun)


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fuck you website i just wanted to write cum


Write piss
Tf2 reference

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Head shoot

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Natural selection will favor Mares willing to kill douchebag Stallions eventually.

After all, he’s exposing his balls by turning away, and its the first thing animals will go for due to the protein and fat. Get a meal, keep a baby!


He? But the foal called her a mummah

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Its calling for brown and blue to save her from their father trading it for sketties.

She merely watches and begs.

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I really think it’s a different mom that trades a different babbeh. If you watch closely, you will see that the color is a bit different

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Ah, you’re right. I thought it was a difference in light, but I can see the sacrificial victim is more green than the teal of hers.

Why does that make me feel worse though.

Like, its a cheerful betrayal, but shows the stupidity of the Mare since she can’t replace the caloric cost needed to make the Foal that way.

Unless she is literally getting pregnant because the machine “spaghetti” is the end goal. Going through the pregnancy vulnerability and caloric cost, and childbirth, just for 1-6 sketties. Because if so that’s one of the most grim things I’ve seen here.


I never thought about that one. Like jeez


Worse if she wants to be a good Fluffy so she doesn’t steal Foals or throw in Micros.
Like if in her thought process if it comes out of her vagina she can do whatever she wants with it.

Hell, go darker still. She thinks Poopies and Alicorns are perfectly fine. So they go in just the same.

Suppose her Mummah songs are about their fate as sketties for her. She only feeds them to keep them alive until she’s hungry again. The last one lives long enough fir its eyes to open so it experiences the trip, the cheerful excitement of its mother, the drop down the chute, then the blades.


Just imagine how many times she got spread for it.
-ohhhh, I see you are actually a good mummah. A rare sight indeed. Alright, carry on then

And of course she takes the good mummah part close to heart and thinks that everything she is doing is approved by a hoomin, which makes it good


I mean, technically it is.

There may be an Abuser who feeds her during her pregnancy to watch the firstborn’s realization. A betrayal that doesn’t need to be manufactured.

Maybe the technicians see her always doing it on the camera footage, and see it as proof of success


She and the babies are definitely going to starve.

Poor mummah.
In all i will open a fluffy brothel and lonely mummahs will be able to work.
Work=Money=Nummies for babbehs.
Good idea?

Except in a couple of hours she’ll need a new meal or her and her babies end up dead anyways unless they find anothe source of food or are willing to use the machine.