Infiltration - Part 2, By AtlanticHillfolk

Hello again! This will probably be the last time I give a foreword before one of my stories, barring extenuating circumstances, but that being said, I feel the need to clarify this point before you continue reading.

The Spike, as depicted in this story is not the same Spike as in the Mutagens Munchkins. I had actually started writing this before that contest had come out and had decided on using Spike as the name because… unicorn. I have no particular want to change this, mostly due to the story being already mostly written, I like the name for the character and replacing it being an enormous pain in the ass.

That being said, I hope y’all enjoy the show!

“Huu huu huu…”

The green foals lay in the mud near the pile of shit that his mother and siblings had made, quietly sobbing to himself while listening to the sounds of his brothers and sisters sleep nearby.

He didn’t get to sleep in the fluffpile with the others. His momma didn’t like him and when he tried to sleep in the pile, she would scold him for being smelly and send him to sleep by the poo. But he new that wasn’t true.

He didn’t know why his momma hated him so much. His daddy loved him, but his momma just seemed to want to hurt him.

The green foals stomach rumbled, painfully.

“Huuuu, tummie hewties… nu hewt fwuffy nu mow… pwease… huu huu…”

He hadn’t eaten in a few days, his momma wouldn’t feed him any milk or let him eat any of the berries they found around her nest.

“Nee tu… tu dwink… sniff…”

The green foal wobbled to his feet and slowly walked down from the nest through the bushes to the small stream, just out of sight of the nest. He went to the edge of the stream and slowly started lapping the cold, clear water from the shallow stream.

It helped make his tummy hurt less. It didn’t completely make it go away, but it did help. The green fluffy knew he needed to eat something soon, he didn’t want to eat poop, but if he didn’t eat, he would…

The foal was engulfed by terror as he was struck hard from behind, causing him to fall forward and strait into the water. Unable to breathe and surrounded by water, he flailed desperately until he managed to pull his head above water.


Once her crested the top of the water and made his way desperately to the sand near the edge of the water the shivering green foal was greeted by mocking laughter.

“Stinky bwuddah smeww bettew nao? Nuu, stiww smeww wike poopie fwuffy!”

His brother, a fat orange foal, was laughing at him while sitting on the edge of the water, obviously having pushed him into the water.

“Yu shud wun stinky fwuffy! Ow ewse da fishy munstas in da wawa gon num yu!”

The green foal panicked, quickly scrambling to the edge of the water, but slipped on a stone right close to the edge of the stream. The green fluffy fell hard on the stone, knocking the wind right out of him and causing him to throw up the meagre contents of his stomach, including the water he just drank.

His brothers mocking laughter increased in volume as the orange foal stood up and began to walk back to the nest, stopping only once to call back to the green foal.

“Fwuffy hope ugwy, poopie, bwuddah du get nummed by da fishy munstahs. Fwuffy hatchu!”

The green foal lay in silence on the stone where he fell in a shallow mixture of stream water and his own thin vomit, before he couldn’t contain the mixture of pain, neglect and humiliation any longer and burst into tears, flailing his nubs against the wet sand and water.

“Uuu Huu Huu Huu… Wai?! Wai bwuddahs an sissys nu wub fwuffy?! Wha fwuffy du wong?! Wai mummuh nu wub fwuffy?! Fwuffy jus wan huggies and wub and nummies wike aww uddaw babbehs! UUUU HUU HUU…”

The green foal cried so hard that he lost all sense of what was around him, eventually he stopped crying and just quietly sobbed and chirped quietly, hoping that the fishy monsters would actually eat him.

The green foal was broken out of its broken state by the feeling of a warm embrace around its emaciated body, a feeling he hadn’t felt since the last time it saw its daddy.

“Dewe dewe, wittwe gween fwuffy, fishy munstahs nu num yu. Nu fishy munstahs in da wawa, it am to sh… sha… shawwow! Yes, shawwow.”

The green foal realized he had not been ‘quietly’ or ‘internally’ wishing that the fishy monsters would eat him. But perhaps more shockingly, he was being hugged, by his new not sissy Chopper .

“N-nyu sissy shud nu touch dummy fwuffy… m-mummah get mad… sniff… babbeh nu am fow huggies… onwy… o-onwy… huu…”

The green foal tried to push Chopper off of him, but the dark pink filly hugged him tighter with every attempt and the green foal eventually just gave up and let himself get lost in the hug.

After what felt like the longest time in a while, his not-sissy pulled back out of the hug and stood up to her full height on all fours, looming over the other fluffy, she looked the green foal in the eyes with her strange, golden eyes.

“Am nyu bwuddah hungwy? Yu am hungwy, yes?”

“D-dummy fwuffy nu can hab…”

“Choppew nu wembembew asking if yu wewe awwowed, Choppew ask if yu am hungwy?”

“… Yus… dummy fwuffy hab wowstest tummy hewties… fwuffy h… hum… hungwy?”

“Das bettew, Choppew gu find fwuffy sum nummies. Wait wight hewe… uh… what am yu namsie?”

“D-dummy fwu-“

“NU! DaT nAmE aM sTuPi!”

Chopper snapped, startling the green fluffy with both the strange tone of her voice and the sudden frenzied look that flashed in her eyes before quickly fading away.

“Tu many dummy fwuffies wound hewe. Yu am pointy fwuffy, so yu name am Spike nao! Choppew gu find Spike sum nummies nao!”

“Spike?! Fwuffy hab nyu na-“

That’s as far as Spike could get before Chopper bolted into the underbrush, leaving him alone at the edge of water. Spike could hardly believe what had just happened, and lay on the stone in stunned silence for a moment.

Spike waited on the stone for a while, half convinced that his new sissy was playing a mean trick on him. Until he saw Chopper break through the grass holding a big green and brown ball on a stick in her teeth, trot over to him with a satisfied grin on her face and drop the strange ball down in front of him.

“Spike am eat dis nummy, yes?”

Spike was overjoyed and partly in shock as he smelled the nummy Chopper had brought him. It smelled sweet, tangy, and a little bit rotten, but after so long of not eating, He crawled on his bruised ribs over to the nummy ball and started frantically eating the sweet and sour ball.

About half way through eating the ball, Spike realised that Chopper was watching him eat the nummy ball. Spike realized that she must have wanted some for herself but she was too polite to ask, and he felt horrible. She fed him, hugged him and gave him a new name and here he was hogging the nummies to himself. He was a bad fluffy.

“S-Spike am sowwy… Spike fowget tu shawe nummies with Choppew… Spike am ba-“

“Choppew aweady hab nummiest tu-nite! Spike can hab nummy appwe.”

“Ch-Choppew am suwe? It am otay?”

Chopper stood back up from lying on her haunches and smiled at Spike, strolling over to the little unicorn and patting him on the head with one of her legs.

“It am otay Spike. Choppew wike yu, Spike, yu am gud fwuffy. Yu stay gud fwuffy fow Choppew, yes?”

Spike didn’t understand what Chopper was asking him to do, he was always told that he was a bad baby by his momma, but he slowly nodded to his sister as she looked at him in the eyes.

Chopper nodded back and looked over to the top of the stream near the small mound that the nest sat on.

“Choppew am thiwsty. Am gonna gu get dwinkies fwom da stweam. Enjoy yu nummy, Spike.”

She trotted off toward the hill, turning back only briefly to look at Spike and smile before cresting over the mound and vanishing from sight. Spike felt a warm feeling in his heart, like the one he last felt when his daddy came home last.

“S-Spike… Spike hab bestest not-sissy fwiend… Spike wub Choppew…”

Spike smiled as he noshed down on what remained of his apple nummy, until the only thing that was left was the tough bits that his teeth would no longer cut through.


Spike shot to his feet, hearing the sound of his new friend screaming in distress from over the mound. Spike ran as fast as his underdeveloped legs could take him until he got to the top of the hill.

When he reached the top of the hill, he saw his mamma and siblings gathered around the edge of the stream, his momma sobbing as embraced Chopper near the edge of the stream.

Chopper sobbed into his mothers’ fluff and his siblings hugged their mommas’ fluff and tried to make her feel better.

“Choppaw am sowwy mummah, nu see da fishy munstah until it get cwose tu bwuddah. Choppaw twy to wawn him, buh fwuffy nu hewe… Huu huu huu…”

Cookie was inconsolable, simply sobbing into her foals while trying not to look toward one particular spot near the stream’s shoreline.

Spike followed the line from where her mother would not look and saw what everyone was trying not to look at. Spike took a few steps forward to try and get a better look and immediately regretted it, doing his best to not throw back up the apple he just ate.

His orange brothers bottom half lay up on the shore in a mess of disturbed silt, with his guts strewn out into the shallow stream water, being gently tugged by the current. His top half was missing entirely and it looked like he struggled hard against whatever monster had killed him judging by the gouges in the sand his hooves made behind him.

As he forced his lunch to stay down, laying down on his belly and covering his ears with his hooves to drown out the mournful cries of his momma and siblings, he was suddenly overcome with an odd sense of dread.

Spike strained his mind against the fear coiling in the pit of his stomach, trying to call to mind what made him so afraid. When it finally struck him, he felt cold as he quietly repeated the words to himself.

“N-Nu fishy munstahs in da wawa… It am to s-shawwow…”


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A Body Has Been Found.

Emergency Meeting.

“Dewe am an Impostah among fwuffies”

10 bucks on Chopper being some kind of jellenheimer.

Come on, the dead foal died leaving behind only his bottom half. This is Among Us with fluffies right here.

I love it.


I’m thinking a cannibal fluffy myself.

Spike definitely isn’t big enough to eat. Yet. Will see how this goes.


“Gween Sus. Nu wan num poopies! Wai yu nu du youw tasks?!”
“Nuuu! Dat nu twue, fwuffy du tasks!”
"Gween sus, but it am tu soon to vote, fwuffies, skip!"

I totally didn’t intend for it to come off as Among Us with fluffies, but now that you point it out, I can’t un-see it!


I am getting “not a foal” vibes from this Chopper fella, that speech pattern is a little too good even for a smart alicorn (which he isn’t even that)

also I know Chopper is killing off the meanies in the family that hurt Spike but I hope Spike tries to stop him/reason with him (and failing) instead of going full on “kill them all, they treated me bad, you want some help shovng my brother into shit til he can’t breathe?” mode, he seems like such a nice fluffy that doesn’t want anybody to get hurt.


With yellow eyes, this aint good…im hoping she save spike out of pity…or worst: stuff him up just to he eaten :cold_sweat:

Well serves that orange blob, my guess Chooper saw him bullied Spike and killed him for a meal.


The best thing? FLUFFIES CAN EVEN SAY AMOGUS. No “R” or “L”.

Just kidding, lol.


I’ll admit, even though Chopper is highly a cannibal, she’s sweet enough to warrant my admiration. We’ll just have to wait and see if Spike is okay with it or if this all ends in heartbreak.