infinite nummies [by: fluffymeat]

inspired by that one video of some guy killing a pregnant spider, releasing hundreds of spider babies.

it would make sense for stray fluffies to eat insects, but i dont think ive seen it mentioned. would they eat insects on their own will, or are they just programmed to eat things like flowers, grass, and human food?


I think a hungry fluffy wil eat anything .
There are litterpals after all.


Nice work.

Hm. Considering their designed origins, I tend to see fluffies as herbivores rather than omnivores. But there’s plenty of stories of strays and ferals with omnivorous tendencies. I guess it’s just one of those headcannon things.

Sure does seem that way.

Coprophagia is a thing in a lot of species, though.

F1uffy be speedrunning the amount of spiders we eat in our 1ifetime it seems. :slight_smile:

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Spiders Georg is an outlier and should not be counted


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