Inside the Auto-foaler® Part 2 by FluffyOD

Weekly reminder to empty any uneaten fillies from your Auto-foaler®!

Inside the Auto-foaler® Part 1

The end.

Original Auto-foaler® ad featured in The Problem With Fluffies

laughing baby alligator jpeg


It’s fucked!

Edit: No longer fucked!

This feels like a fever dream lmfao


I love your comics with the mix of fluffies and real stock images. It really adds to the sheer horror these creatures face. 10 Points to Aboose House!


Thanks for blessing my post, I live to please.


No problem dude, keep up God’s work and show these foals the eternal sin of being a fluffy. I’m not sure if it is the style of how the fluffies are all drawn so chubby and pathetic, or its the surrealism with the stock images, but it just connects into something primal and visceral for the viewer, but it sticks. They’re literal babies who are absolutely defendant upon their mother, callously abandoned into what is basically a living hell. Their existence is short, filthy, and filled with terror; but at least the gator gets his protein.


reptile food

Still food!



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Those foals are extremely small for talkie babbehs. A baby (American) alligator is about the size of your hand, not to mention that I recognize a few crocodiles there.

Tough crowd.
I thought those were all gators. Which ones are Crocs? This is a croc.


The last one on the first page and the first one on the last page is a croc.

HOLY shit this is terrible!

The reptile husbandry is subpar at best
not only are you using a terrible feeder but you keep it in such a small in enclosure
Shame on you >:{

Didn’t you read the article? Only babies stay in the aquarium until they’re big enough to be released into their outdoor pond.

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The blue babbeh might be the pinnacle of fluffy abuse. His eyes exude not just anguish but outright despair. His brain, preprogrammed by whatever Island of Dr Moreau shit the Hasbio researchers utilized, knows fluffies are for love. They are meant to be loved and will receive it, as long as they are good fluffies. Ripped away from his mother and inserted into a crowded and shit saturated machine. Unable to move, forced to swallow feces, and finally realizing that it’s screams for mercy will never be heeded, his limited intelligence can only come to one conclusion. They must all be bad fluffies who deserve this. Blaming himself and the others because his mind cannot fathom anyone causing him so much pain out of malice, or worse, indifference.

Sorry for the rant but seriously, that poor blue bastard is the Sistine Chapel of abuse for me. A fluffy sentenced to Hell not because they were an evil smarty, not because the human caring for the gators is explicitly evil, but because it was cheap and convenient. All the while, the victim blames themselves. This is beautifully evil and I love it!