Invulnerable (Part 2) by:MightyMorphinFluffy

Your name is Luna and the man just walked back in with Espresso.

“Remember this you little whore…all of your babies will stay with Ranger and his PRETTY special friend are going to keep all of the babies…except the ugly ones…you can keep those until Ranger needs something to fuck.” The man says as he roughly throws Espresso to the floor.

You and your baby rush to Espresso to make sure she’s ok but her leg appears to be bent. You watch as she limps to the wall and kicks it with her bent leg to pop it into place.

You gently pick her chirpy baby up and carefully place it on her milkie place so it can drink some milk. Espresso thanks you and gives you a small kiss on the cheek before turning her attention back to her foal.

Your face heated up the second she gave you a kiss…could you have a crush? No…no no no no…two mares can’t be special friends…or can they? You don’t see why not…there’s nothing wrong with it.

Before you could continue thinking you hear the door open once more.
A mare that looks like your mother walks in and begins looking at every fluffy in the room. You sit down and begin feeding your baby when suddenly the mare walks up and takes your foal by the scruff.

You hit her over the head and take your baby back but you’re grabbed by the tail and he’s taken again by a stallion.

“dis pwetty widdwe enfie babbeh…dummeh enfie poopie munstah babbeh am gon gib Wangew gud feews an den gon eat poopies” He says with a smug smile.

Images of how your father used to punish you begin to flash in your mind as you get away from the mare holding your tail and begin beating the stallion’s face in. You stop once you don’t even recognize him anymore.

You need to leave this place