Is anyone going to do a Fluffy speak version of Cornelius reading the 29th scroll, 6th verse from Planet Of The Apes?

The reason I bring this up is that when I come across abuse images, I have that line read in my head because it proved the Lawgiver from those films correct. I mean, has anyone ever thought of doing something similar in their stories? I am just asking, that is all

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I can kick butt doing Dr. Zaius or maybe Taylor (“YOU MANIACS!!! YOU BLEW IT UP!!! G** D*** YOU ALL TO HELL!!!”) but not in fluff speak.

I’ve been thinking up a routine where ol’ Chuck Heston played Obi-Wan Kenobi rather than Alec Guinness.
(Get your stinking paws off me, YOU DAMNED DIRTY WOOKIEE!!)

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Bewawe da beast man,
fow dey am da deviw’s pawn.
awone among god’s pwimates,
They kiww fu spowt, fu wust, fu gweed.
yea, dey wiww muwdew dewe bwudda tu possess dewe bwudda’s wand.
wet dem not bweed in gweat numbews,
fu they wiww make a desewt of dewe home, an’ youws.
shun dem. Dwive dem back intu dewe jungwe waiw,
fu dey am da hawbingew of fowevvah-seepies.

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Wouldn’t it be Sky Daddeh instead of God?

Would a fluffy know what a primate is? You asked for it, I provided it. You could have translated it yourself.

I know some words, not a lot

There a fluffy translator online.

Did not know that

it’s a bit shit if you ask me

“wha wiww he fin, Doctow Zawus?”

" his destiniee"