Is it possible to teach Krav Maga to a microfluffy? (by recreationalsadist)

The video showed Dr. (Redacted) and a blue and white earthy microfluff standing in front of a camera.

“This is the final test. David here will be facing a fully-grown adult fluffy.”

A grey unicorn fluffy with a yellow mane was brought in.

“Gowiath wan gud feews! Wiww enf babbeh!”

Goliath charged towards David (not very well considering fluffies are ungainly creatures) as the Dr. continued narrating.

“Krav Maga is one of the few martial arts where attacks to the groin are not only allowed, but encouraged.”

David dodges Goliath’s attempts to mount him, then kicks him in the groin.

Goliath collapses in pain and groans weakly.

“nu, speciew wumps!”

David runs up and continues pummeling Goliath’s genitals. By the end of it red froth is pouring from Goliath’s mouth as his mashed testicles resemble stomped grapes.

“wan die.”

The Dr. considers the end result.

“I’m going to mark this as a success, although I would have preferred if David had used moves other than testicle-attacks. Still, you can’t argue with results.”

David is rewarded with a bowl of spaghetti and happily digs in as the video ends.


Based david

Basically this:


Plot twist: the guy is paying for it.


Oh my :flushed:… Kinky :smirk: