It's way better than toilet paper by the way. (by: artist-kun)


Do they flush ok?


Won’t that cause em to shit on you as you wipe? :sweat_smile:


Point that end down.


2020 when everyone kept buying loads of toilet paper but you just have a lot of foals.


No need just run them under some water with soap and they will be as good as new


“Huu huu! Nu wike poopies! Nu wike cowd wawa! Pwease gib fwuffy foweba sweepies!”

“Quiet! This is saving me $19 a month!”


Watchs tv-are you tired of hearing your toilet paper foals complaining about nor wanting poopies or cowd wawas. Well we have a product for you introducing the toilet puff. This little bundle of fluff actually loves and dosent mind if you wipe your ass with him if fact they will happily volunteer their services to make sure you are shit free. Now I can already hear it but salesman what do they eat and drink?
Well I’m glad you asked they are more then able to happily and healthy live off the wonderful bounty you have provided the more the better.
And don’t worry about them missing a spot they are very thorough and will get your ass spotless.
Don’t worry about washing them they are very efficient in cleaning themselves but won’t shy away if you want to give them a bath yourself.
Hurry to a nearest fluffymart near you and get a box of 6 of these little helpers for just 19.99
And they are guaranteed to last up to 4 months or longer depending on how many people live in your house.
So hurry on down and buy yours today.


Foal Paper:

Rip off the head, and place in the dedicated box. This eliminates the potential for taint, testicles and anal areas from being bitten.

Peel the fluff from the flesh, wipe like normal, and drop it in the bowl. Patented hairs grab ahold the waste on your butt, needing for only one wipe. Toss flesh and bones in the box, as this will feed the Foal Paper to keep the patented hairs prime for maximum amount of cleansing.

When returning the box of heads, please note how many where better than normal at cleaning certain bowel movements in the app. We’re breeding Foal Paper for TacoHell levels of cleansing now!

Foal Paper
A division of Unilever-Hasbio
“Better than three shells”


:x: Do not flush. :x:
:white_check_mark: Incinerate after use :white_check_mark:
:white_check_mark: Snap neck prior to incineration :white_check_mark:

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They can’t bite if they don’t have teeth or their mouth is sown shut

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perpetual shitty ass effect.

It’d probably be the softest toilet paper if nothing else.

Then you get stabbed

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I’m trying to decide if they do licky-cleanies or are wiped against the areas concerned.


Some how for humans that not hygenic :sweat_smile:

“Why do you stay in the bathroom so long, Chad?”

“Mind your own business Karen!”

“Huuhuuhuu daddeh make babbeh say bad words when wicking poopie pwace…”

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Would it be more efficient to skin the foal (obvs this would kill it) and then use patches of foal hide to wipe?

If they don’t give your as any disease. But give me toilet paper then I’m sure my as is healthy and proper. Use that shit rats as litterbox fluffy if or something else.

you can’t assert your dominance on a hide

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