Jberg360 Fluffy Dump (artist_jberg360)


That one stallion is really desperate to be courting a fucking potato.


I like the sleeping one with the doge …err dog.
And the ice skating one.

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I can’t fault his taste.

This just in, Chikahiro loves potatoes… This doesn’t really work as I wanted it to.

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I could’ve sworn fluffy no nos was there…

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You just reminded me of the sock craze that inexplicably swept over the Booru for a while there. Good times.

Great dump, too


A sock craze? Now that I think about it, I’ve seen more than a couple fluffy images with socks. So that’s why.

“Do you want me to show this to the fluffy and have the fluffy tell you what it is? 'Cause the fluffy’s going to get it!”

“Am dinnitie?”

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I don’t remember what caused it, but there was a big boom of artists submitting goofy, mostly light-hearded/hugboxy images of fluffies in socks. I laughed out loud at the image of a fluffy bursting into tears because they thought it was a punishment. (Though I do remember one pure abuse image where a human puts a foal in a sock and swings like a flail into the sharp edge of a table to kill it)

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It’s by McGonagall, iirc. I think the trends on the booru were very interesting. It doesn’t really happen like that nowadays.

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Its the eyes.

I’m starting to open my eyes to moronbox.

EDIT: Boi I haven’t seen a mare explode in pregnancy in some few years.