Jellybean in her nest crying, random 2 min pencil sletch (Baron Trump)


Fuck it haven’t posted in forever and my wacom is charging.
I will SOMEDAY start posting more often.
Apologies for just a single sketch, I am often dissapointed that the posts no longer have many long comics these days.
Vintage MS paint was so much faster than modern art software, lol


Why is she crying, and how funny is it?

Nice sketch, btw. You’re good at expression with few lines.

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Crying because traumatised after being locked in a closet with her dying “speciaw fwen” for a few days after her owner snapped his spine, killed him by suffocating him with her own shit in an attempt to please said owner, then tossed in a garbage bag with the corpse and her shit and thrown into a pond. She somehow got free and floated to shore only to be cold, lonely and pregnant in the woods trying to survive on berries and grass, and her babies are about to come…

Its in the long story I posted ages ago on the booru and posted here.


Very nice. I approve of your terrible creativity.


amo tu arte,y jellybean se ve que es una buena peluda,pero espero desde el fondo de mi corazon que su historia continue lo mas triste posible y no tome un camino Hugbox / I love your art, and jellybean looks like a good furry, but I hope from the bottom of my heart that her story continues as sad as possible and doesn’t take a Hugbox path.


Have no fear, I detest hugbox. It is good only for setting up horrible pain!


Those babbehs are gonna come out so deformed with all the stress and weird Berry’s

Assuming they come out at all.


Oh, they’ll come out. One way or another.

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