Jessica Part 2 (By no_sketti_on_tuesdays)

Sorry for being MIA. Nursing school is a bitch. But heres part 2.

It’s cold. The happiness that was this morning seemed years away. The stallion trudged out into the night. Under different circumstances the moonlight on the snow would be beautiful. The stallion could feel what little warmth the corpse of his little foal had left drain away. There was a part of him deep down that hoped for it to be a bad joke. That hoped for his precious baby to start coughing and come back to life. This hope died as rigor mortis started to set in. His thoughts drifted back to his old herd. the herd who raised him. The herd who gave him food, warmth, friends, and a place to call home. The herd who warned him about shacking up with a domestic. The herd he abandoned.

~ Three months ago ~

A large brown alicorn stood over the stallion.

“Fo da wastest tim! NU! Ou knu da wuwes waisin! It am too cwose ta cowd times. Nu nyu fwuffies in hewd! Ou nu eben contwiboot to nummie piwe! Ou WEFT hewd!”

He yells at the frightened stallion.

“huhu! Pwease smawty! Wet Waisin an speciew fwen cum backsies! Speciew fwen am soon mummah wif waisin’s babbehs!”

the stallion pleads while groveling before the large smarty.

The smarty’s expression doesn’t change.

“Nu wan be meanie Waisin. Buh smawty nee do wah am bestest foh hewd. Ou was awways towd dat habbin babbehs cwose ta cowd times was dummeh. Buh ou do it anyways. Ou teww smawty dat ou nu wike hewd. Dat ou be fine by sewf. Weww. Dewe am doow. Weab.”

~ Present ~

Raisin finishes digging the hole in the snow. His hooves would hurt if he could still feel them. It’s not a deep hole, But it’s deep enough to cover the scent of his precious child.

“Am sowwy babbeh. Daddeh am sowwy. Nu mean foh dis to happun. Ou was gud babbeh Sniffle Daddeh wub ou…”

He covers the lifeless foal with the dirt and snow.

When he reaches his nestie he can still hear jessica sobbing before he even gets to the door.

as he walks in he immediately feels pressure on his nose. Jessica had punched him.


Without a second thought the stallion reared back and kicks Jessica hard (For a fluffy).

Hard enough to knock her backwards.

“HuuHuu! Why speciew fwen gib mummah sowwy hoofsies? am gud mummah!”

She says completely disregarding assaulting her mate.

“Nu moh gamesies! We nee be sewious!”

He says stomping his hoof.

“Wawm nestie am gone! If we nu cawefuw aww babbehs go fowevew sweepies!”

He says sternly.

The rest of that night was hard. Raisin placed the foals in between himself and Jessica. Desperately trying to keep them warm.

Jessica could feel goosebumps under her fluff. The only warm place on her body was the small space between herself and raisin where her surviving foals lay.

Well. Maybe warm was a bit of an overstatement. Warm enough to keep them alive.

“Speciew fwen?.. Jessica nee ta maek poopies.”

Jessica says in distress.

“Jus do it dewe.”

The Raisin says not even opening his eyes.

Jessica gasps audibly.

“Buh speciew fwen… dat am BAD poopies!”

She whispers in a frantic manner.

“If ou get upsies. Babbehs wiww go fowevew sweepies. Ou maek poopies wight dewe.”"

He says sternly.

She tries her best to hold it but… Fluffies are known for their unreliable digestiive system. Before long she can no longer contain it.

The smell of bad poopies travels through the cold air.

After a cold sleepless night. She begins to feel her foals start to rustle by her side.

“PEEP PEEP! Mummah! Am wakey time! Babbeh hab tummy owies!”

One pleads.

“Bestest an udda babbehs nee MIWKIES MUMMAH!”

The one who thinks he’s bestest demands.

“Nu wan wakeys yet… buh tummy hab wowstest owies!”

The last one complains.

Jessica raises up. Sitting on her haunches.


All of her foals peep in distress. Feeling the cold that they’ve been shielded from all night.

“Am otay babbehs. Dwinkie ou miwkies. Den daddeh gib huggies befoh go wook foh nummies.”

“Huuhuu. Bestest nee miwkies!”

He says waddling up to jessicas tit. Before he can reach his precious sustinance jessica stops him with her hoof.

“Now babbeh. Ou nu am bestest. Mummah’s owd daddeh awways teww mummah dat aww babbehs am bestest. If ou nu stahp cawwing ousewf bestest ou be wastest to git ou miwkies.”

This revelation shocked the pampered foal.

“Buh… buh MUMMUH! Da wastest miwkies nu am bestest miwkies! Bestest am awways get fiwstest miwkies!”

He protests.

“If ou nu be quiet ou nu GIT miwkies!”

Raisin said giving the baby a stern glare.

The thought of not getting any of the lifegiving milkies was enough to get him to listen. He sits their waiting his turn as tiny tears begin to well in his eyes.

He finally gets his turn. Normally the thought of having both milky places to himself would be a godsend but… Despite his arrogant attitude. He still misses his littlest brother. He’s much rather have the little purple fluffball suckling beside him. Both getting their fill of delicous milkies.

Finally he has his fill. He lets go and lets out a tiny belch. Remnants of the white cream dripping down the sides of his mouth.

As promised he got warm huggies from his daddy then was placed back in mummahs tummy fluff.

“Otay. Daddeh gu fin nummies. membah speciew fwen. Babbehs nee stay in pwetty fwuff. Nu can git too cowdies.”

He says before trudging off into the snow.

“… mummah? Why hab wowstest cowdies? Nu eba hab dis many cowdies befoh.”

The little green filly asks.

“Nu knu babbeh. Mummah neba EBA hab dis many cowdies befoh. Stay in mummahs pwetty fwuff.”

She says giving the baby huggies.

The day comes and goes. Though not comfortable. Jessica manages to keep her foals warm enough to stay alive. She wants to give them more milkies but knows she has to wait to make sure her special friend had Nummies to make more.

It starts to grow dark outside when you suddenly hear the familiar rustling. A purple fluffy head crawls in through the door.


She says in delight.


The foals peep.

He comes in and sits without a word.


One foal says.

“Babbeh hab tummy owies. Nu can waities foh bestest miwkies!”

Another says.

With every hungry peep. Raisins expression gets lower.

“… S… speciew fwen… Wah am Wong?.. Why hab saddies? Now mummah hab Nummies foh miwkies.”

He starts to sob.

" Sniffle nu we dun! Daddeh NU can fin Nummies! HUUHUUHUU!"

He says covering his eyes with his hooves.

This shocks Jessica to her core. This has never happened before. Even if it was rotten trash, He always came back with something.

“Buh… Buh speciew fwen… Mummah nu hab many miwkies weft. Did ou wook in twashies!?!”

Jessica says frantically.

He continues to cry into his hooves.

“Daddeh wook in aww twashies cans b-b-buh Daddeh am too wait! Twashy vwoom vwoom munstah aweady Nummie aw twashies!”

To say the mood that night was depressing would be an understatement.

“Mummah?.. am… am miwky time?”

Bestest asks. His eyes pleading.

“Oooh… sowwy babbehs. Mummah nee save miwkies foh bwekkifast nummies. Maybe hab mow in bwite time.”

Jessica says. Not being able to look her foal in his innocent eyes.


He yells. Tears welling in his eyes.

Raisin grabs up bestest and buries his head in his fluff. Silencing the foal.

“Huhuu. Daddeh knu ou hab tummy owwies babbeh. Next bwite time daddeh weave extwa eawy ta fin nummies!”

Raisin says trying to comfort his foal.

His words fall upon deaf ears. While the other foals accept their fathers words and decide to tough out their hunger. Bestest wasn’t having it. Babbehs werent supposed to be hungry. Especially bestest babbehs.

Like the night before. The parents put there foals in between them as they slept to keep their progeny warm.

Bestest stewed in his anger.

How could they deny him and his siblings milkies? Arent milkies and huggies what mummahs are for?

His thinky place hurt… in his anger. He hatched a plan.

Slowly and carefully bestest climbed out of the now smaller fluffpile. Careful not to wake bwudda and sissy. He squeezed his way out from in between his parents.

The cold hit him immediately. His baby fluff was even less effective at keeping out the cold than an adult fluffies.

He starts to cry out before stopping himself.

If mummah or daddeh heard him now he’d be in trouble. He’d just have to brave the cold until his little tummy was full of sweet milkies.

Even in the dark his sensitive little foal nose was able to guide bestest to his mummahs milky place. He was so smarty. He wasted no time. He started suckling and kneading like a mad man. Milkies dribbling out from around his suckling lips.

He knew that mummah was lying about not having milkies. Doesn’t she know that babbehs. Especially BESTEST babbehs aren’t supposed to have tummy hurties? Oh whatever. He’ll get his fill then sneak back to the fluff pile and no one will ever know. Something… something isnt right. The milkies are still coming but its getting harder to suckle.

Before he knew it. The milk around his talky place was frozen. His mouth stuck to his mothers tit. He begins to panic and tries to pull away but no such luck. Despite being such a thin layer of ice the weak foal was no match. He tries to cry out for his mother but she doesn’t hear the muffled chirps.

As he cried his nose begins to fill with mucus… blocking off his only airway.

He couldnt breath. He struggled. Struggled like he’d never struggled before. Finally


He yells triumphantly. Not caring if mummah or daddeh heard him.

“Good job bwudda!”

He hears from his right. He looks over and…

“W…widdwest bwudda?.. WIDDWEST BWUDDA HUUHUU!”

He gives huggies to the foal.

“Bestest babbeh thinkies ou take fowevew sweepies!”

He says

“… babbeh did… so do ou.”

As bestest opens his see places his littlest brother is once again covered in soot. His eyes pale and lifeless.

“Babbeh was so wonewy. No one pway wif babbeh. Buh now hab bwudda!”

A dread grips bestest. He looks back towards his mummah and there lay his lifeless body. Talky place still stuck to the milky place.

The next morning Jessica wakes.

As she stands up something feels wrong. Her milky place is heavier than usual.

“Mummah? Do babbehs g… SCREEEE”

One of your foals screeches. Raisin shoots up like a rocket amd looks around for danger.

He sees his foal. Eyes cloudy. Hanging from his mouth off of his special friends tit. Dead.

part 1


Fucking bestest. Got what he deserved.

Good luck in nursing school! It’s hard, and the job is harder, but it’s so rewarding. :sparkling_heart:

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Great story man. Youre one of my faves on here. Good luck with your studies


At least it loved its littlest brother.


Glad bestest got done in by his stupidity and stubbornness.


True and despite him calling himself bestest he never abused his other brother and sisters.


Great story, i loved the partabout the Smarty. So raisin and Jessica are two idiots who got banished from their herds by a good smarty huh? No wonder they’re gonna die.

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