Jimbo's Poopies Compost Farm By Mikahorsie

Welcome to Jimbo’s Poopies Compost Farm! Where you can get fresh, compost fertilizer that’s the best fertilizer in Midwest. We can either sell it to you by Bag for Full prize or at a Discounted price if you give us your Feral Fluffy Pest!

We here at Jimbo’s Poopies Compost Farm would only produce the most potent fertilizers from the most putrid Poopies of Smarties and Bitch Mares, the more bratty the fluffy pony? The better their shit they can produce.

You have a feral herd invasion in your farm or garden? No Problem!!! You can call 1-800 -POOPIES and Jimbo’s Poopies Compost Farm will go to your place and get rid of these Shit Ponies in no time!!!

That’s 1-800-POOPIES! For Fluffy Herd Invasion Pest control!


Does their piss land into their mouth funnels


We at Jimbo’s Poopies Compost Farm would only feed our “Compost Makers” with organic feed (biological food wastes that are collected from restaurants mixed with ground up Feral Fluffies and Foals who are not Smarties/Bitch Mares)

We do not allow these Compost Makers to drink /eat their own excrement for Quality Control and prolonging the lifespan of our Compost Makers.

Although there are cases where a Compost Maker would tip over their Feeding Receptacles /air tubes due to overfilled bags of their shit.



Hopefully they’re under an awning when it rains… snorkels don’t work so well when they get water in them… :shrug:

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Huh… i wonder how much i’ll get if i send a warehouse full of ferals …


Eh who care they replaceable anyway


A perfect model of self sufficiency

I love your art, Pastry.

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Seems like a really impractical set up but hey so long as it works

Wagyu Cows set up on Pens with roofs on them. This is similar in set up with the chain link fencing applied to prevent predation.


Motel Fluff

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Bad fluffys check in but they dont checkout ~

Cruel and unusual, just the way we like it

uh i wonder if one would shit faster if they could see. . . sure they die from stress but at less you get ton of shit.