Julia (By: Jejjick)

Fluffy design for a character I’ve had in mind for a potential story/comic series. She’s a good little mare if not a bit misguided. Apologies if it looks a bit rough, I’m still kind of getting the hang of drawing these little creatures lmao.

I feel like bowl fluffies are criminally underused as a weird little sub-species (though they’re obviously a bit gimmicky) with some unique scenarios you could make with them.


Oh go on then.
But first belly rubs and then upsies.

and she looks fine, you wil get the hang of them sooner or later fluffies aint hard to draw.
I mean if i can draw em anybody can and my art is rough as fuck.


she is very cute & i am successfully terrified of what will go wrong


Nice, bowl fluffies are way underused!

She’s freaking adorable!! 10/10 would let her in!!

You had my interest with the course hair Iook but my attention was acquired via the BowI FIuffy tag. :slight_smile:

Happy Thanksgiving, hope she’s not turned into a deIcious roast bowI fiIIed with mashed potatoes/stuffing in that bowI.

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That’s actually genius, though I have a feeling someone would be hesitant to cook a bowl since they’re still relatively rare lol.

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Its Iike a breadbowI. But meat.

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In love with your style and absolutely curious about how you’re gonna use her in a story :eyes::star:

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Kill it with fire.

For me bowel …whooops Bowl fluffy always referred to a fluff who had been pillowed and then kept in a bowl. Usually turned to a corner all day becausd fuck em.

Your art is terrific

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I like your art-style here look so cute and friendly.

Can she be get pregnant with that bowl body? Or will it get “full” when she is. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, food or drink I would not put into her, she is still very furry.