[KFE] Soaked Mummah's Sorrow (Mister_K)

[Bit of a longer story featuring Anna, hope you like it.]

Last night was shit and today’s weather is shittier. Heavy rain poured down on Anna as she walked to work. If it weren’t for her umbrella, the rain would have soaked through her green hoodie and the rest of what little clothes she wore underneath.

“This is such bullshit. I shoulda called in sick today…”

Anna’s poor mood was only made worse as a large pickup sped by, causing a large wave of rainwater to splash in her direction. Luckily, the young woman was fast and blocked a good deal of the mucky rainwater. Although she was still left fuming.

“Un-fucking-believable! Good God this day is off to a piss poor start!”

As Anna continued to walk, she overheard a faint whimpering coming from around the corner. A smile creeps up on her face as she recognizes what could be the source of the noise. As such, Anna quickens her pace to investigate. As she approaches, she turns the corner and finds the source…

A feral fluffy pony, pink fluff and a red mane are hiding between two dumpsters in a futile attempt to escape the rain. On her back are six wet, but seemingly healthy fluffy foals. Their eyes are open, but they don’t seem to be old enough to speak too well just yet.

“Glad to see the wranglers haven’t picked these ones up.”

The fluffy, noticing Anna’s voice pokes her head out of her hiding spot. Upon noticing Anna the fluffy hurriedly waddles over to her and starts begging for help.

“Nice wady pwease gif nummies? Maybe wawm housie fo’ mummah an’ babbehs? Sky wawa su cowd! Bad fo’ mummah and babbehs!”

“Cute babies you got there…”

Anna examines the shivering babies on the mother’s back. All six of them are decent, passable colours. Good potential stock for the emporium. And a decent pay bonus for Anna.~

“Hmmm… sure, I can-”

“Dummeh wady gif bestest gud nummies nao!”

A small voice emerges from under the mother. Despite her attempts to shush the voice. The source makes itself known.

“Bestest say gif nummies NAO!”

Another foal, matching the mothers colours exactly pokes it’s head out from underneath her. This foal is noticably fatter and worse yet… it’s warm and dry compared to its six soaked siblings…

“Oh, whos this now?”

Anna asks, clearly annoyed by this little bastard being so rude. The mother is still trying to keep it quiet as if she knows this little shit can fuck up their chances of getting food or even a new home.

“Dis am bestest babbeh. It wook wike mummah!”

“Why is it dry and fed while your other babies are wet and hungry?”

“Uh… c-cuz it am bestest!.”

“I see… my mummah had a bestest baby too…”

Anna suddenly remembers her own childhood. She never did get the same attention her siblings did… even after getting her engineering degree. However, instead of getting somber, Anna gets pissed. But keeps a level head as she still wants her bonus…

“Well then… as it happens the place I was gonna take you to only has enough room for seven fluffies, not eight… but its ok. I’ll give you a choice… you can either abandon your bestest baby or abandon all of your other babies. Make a choice and I’ll give you a home.”

The mother turns her head a little, as if not understanding.

“Siwwy wady. Mummah wub aww babbehs, nu weave babbeh!”

“I wasn’t asking you if you loved them. I was telling you to make a choice…”

Anna looks to the street. There’s a large stream of rainwater that leads into a dark storm drain.

“I see that flow of bad water? I want you to drop your bestest baby or your other six babies in it. Make a choice…”

“N-nu… mummah wuv babbehs…”

“Guess you don’t want a nice warm home then…”

With that, Anna starts to walk off. Leaving the mummah alone to soak in the rain. But she hears the light splashing caused by hoofs, trying to catch up with her.

“Nu! Nu! Nu! Wait! Nice wady! Fwuffy weawwy wan’ nyu homesies!”

“Then you know what to do…”

The mummah fluffy looks conflicted. She gently let’s her other six babies crawl off of her back. Looks like they would have lined up if they didn’t immediately form a fluffpile due to being so wet and cold…
The bestest baby looks on at its siblings and to Anna. It’s cheeks puffed up and it’s stomping a hoof impatiently, almost as if to say: “Where the fuck is my food?”
Anna looks at it and addresses it directly.

“Want some food for you and your siblings little one?”

“Nu! Nummies fo’ bestest babbeh ONWY!!”

Anna simply grunts in annoyance. It doesn’t just want first dibs, it wants exclusive access to any food that’s provided… more memories surface…

“Make your choice shitrat…”

The mummah fluffy looks at her wet babies. Theyre all pretty colours and relatively healthy despite the cold, although they need warmth quickly.
And she looks at her bestest. The prettiest shade of pink, just like mummah. Although, not as nice or playful as her other babies…

Anna can practically see the gears turning in the mummah fluffy’s head as she contemplates what to do… before she can make a decision one of her more neglected young speaks up.

“M-mummah? Can babbeh hab’ miwkies nao?”

This causes outrage in the bestest. It runs out from underneath mummah and begins hitting the baby who dared ask for food.

“Dummeh bwudda! Miwky nummies am fo’ bestest babbeh ONWY!! Bestest gib’ sowwy hoofsies!”

The bestest wails on the baby as hard as it can. Despite it being better fed, thus better developed it doesn’t seem to be doing any permanent damage. Judging by the screaming of the weaker baby though, it still hurts the same.
Anna does not intervene. she watches on, wondering if the mummah will make a move.

“Bestest nu huwt bwudda…”

“Dummeh bwudda wan steaw bestest miwkies!! Dummeh mummah gib’ bwudda foweba sweepies!!”

Now this is getting interesting. The bestest is so used to getting anything and everything it wants to the point it believes it can order the execution of its siblings… Anna has seen some entitled behaviour in fluffies during her time at the Emporium. But this is a whole other level. She can’t help but be impressed a baby can be this much of a shithead…

“Dat nu nice bestest… pwease be nice fo’ nice wady…”

“NU! Dummeh mummah gib foweba sweepies to bwudda NAO!!!”

With that final yell, the bestest baby turns around and shits all over the leg of its mother. Likely considering it a proper punishment for not carrying out its will without hesitation.
The mother looks rather upset. Not angry, but tired.

“Well, I dont wanna sway your decision… but I know what I’d throw in the water…”

“Shaddup dummeh wady!”
The bestest bellows before turning back to mummah.

“Dummeh mummah gib’ foweba sweepies NAO!!”

Anna smirks at the bestests poor wording. She looks at the mummah, who seems to have made a decision.
The mummah fluffy sighs before leaning down and using her teeth to grab her bestest baby by the scruff.

“Wha dummeh mummah doing? Wet bestest down!”

The mummah doesn’t respond as she slowly walks to the street curb where the flow of water is still going. The bestest starts getting uneasy as it starts to connect the dots.

“M-mummah? Whewe we goin’?.. mummah?”

The mummah still remains silent as she holds her baby over the side of the curb, it’s little legs wriggling and waving as it’s risk of getting dropped increases. It chirps in panic and starts begging for its mummah to let it go.

“B-bestest sowwy fo meanies mummah! No gib’ bad wawa to bestest babbeh pwease! Bestest wub mummah!!!”

A few tears roll down the mummah’s cheeks as she opens her mouth and drops her baby in the dirty street water. The current carrying it down stream, the open storm drain getting closer and closer. The baby’s panicked chirps turning into distressed “eeps” as it begs its mother to save it.


The mummah doesn’t budge, instead she keeps her head turned. Not wanting to watch her young disappear into the drain.

Eeep! Eeep! EEEEEeeeeeee…

The eeps of the bestest slowly fade as it falls into the storm drain, never to see the light of day ever again. Anna looks at the mummah with a smirk

“Well ya did it. The correct choice too, 'cause I was gonna toss you and your bestest in that storm drain if you chose to spare it…
Whelp, I’m a woman of my word shitrat. Gather your remaining babies and follow me. I’ll bring you to your new home.”

The mummah’s remaining babies look to have a renewed sense of hope after hearing the words “new home”.
The mummah dejectedly allows her babies to crawl onto her back before she runs to catch up to Anna who already started walking again.
The mummah take notice of Anna’s umbrella. Noticing its ability to keep things dry as it rains.

“C-can mummah be undew big wawa stick too?”


They both continue their long and wet walk to the emporium, where warmth and comfort await the mummah and her six young foals.
Soon they both reach the emporium. The bright lights acting as a beacon of sorts, Both for customers and feral fluffies. Ferals often being drawn to both the lights as well as the well cared for fluffies sleeping in the display windows.

As they reach the door Anna unlocks it, but prevents the mummah from entering.

“Wait here, I’m just gonna set my stuff down and check something behind the building. So don’t move a muscle…”


Anna enters the emporium, discarding both her umbrella and her bag, as she won’t be outside long.
She exits the building and quickly runs to the alleys behind it. After a few minutes, she returns with a plastic box full of chirping and crying foals. The result of a trap she designed.

“Wady find babbehs!”

“Yep, we always get a few uh…abandoned babies every other day. Quickly, inside.”

Anna opens the door for the mummah who bolts inside, Happy to get away from the rain. But before Anna can follow…

“Pwease wady! Gib bacc babbehs!”

A dirty, disheveled fluffy weakly crawls over to Anna, very clearly the mother of the foals that wandered into the trap.
However, the only thing Anna gives her is a swift kick into oncoming traffic…

“Well who’s this now?” A deeper voice asks.
“Looks like there’s a new addition to our little fluff shop!”

The source of the voice reveals itself, a tall portly fellow who only goes by “K”. He looks down at the soaking wet fluffy Anna let in.

“Mistah gib nummies? Babbehs nee’ miwkies…”

“Sure can little one. I’ll make sure you and your babies are all fed.”

The mummah nearly squeals with happiness. After so so long, she finally has access to a good food source.

“Let’s get you to the pens and get you fed. We can worry about cleaning you up later.”

As K is ushering the mummah to her new quarters, Anna walks in with the foals. She sets down the box and begins separating and sorting them, a difficult task as they keep trying to cling to each other for comfort. But, nothing a quick painful pinch can’t fix. K eventually notices Anna’s presence and greets her.

“Oh, hey Anna! I guess I have you to thank for bringing in this little lady?”

“Yeah, she was soaking in the rain with her babies. She ran right up to me when she noticed me coming, must have been desperate.”

“I don’t blame her. I like the rain, but it’s never good to get caught in it. Especially if you have absorbent fluff like these things.”

“I’d honestly have left her in the street if she didn’t have those colours. Plus her babies aren’t bad too, they should fetch a good price.”

“Agreed. But I noticed something… she seems rather down. Did something happen?”

“Yeah, she had a favourite baby and it died.”

“Oh, well thats a shame. You know what happened?”

Anna smirks before answering.

“I made her drop it in a storm drain.”

K sighs, it’s not the first time Anna has tormented potential stock.

“That ain’t very kind Anna. It’ll take weeks for her to get over it.”

“The thing was an asshole anyway. Besides, a few weeks is all thats needed for the foals to grow to prime selling age. And she’ll make a good breeder, all the babies she could want. It’ll be like the little shit never even existed.”

“I suppose your right, but still…
Well I suppose it’s good you got some foals to go with her, plus the ones from the traps. Due to the high demand for em, there’s always plenty of room.”

These words cause the mummah’s ears to perk up. Plenty of room? But Anna said there was only enough room for seven more fluffies…

“Nu, nu woom. Wady say onwy woom fo’ mummah an’ babbehs…”

“I lied. There’s plenty of room for you and your foals. I just didn’t want your asshole bestest here.”

Anna sticks out her tongue, taunting the mummah who essentially drowned her bestest baby for no reason at all. The tears start to well up in her eyes and small croaks start to.come out as she tries to speak.

sigh for fuck sake…”

K picks up the mummah and takes her, as well as her babies to a vacant pen in the breeder room. To ease some emotional pain, he also pours some hot canned spaghetti in a bowl for her. It’s cheap, but it’s spaghetti goddammit.

“Eat up. We’ll get you cleaned up tomorrow ok? Make sure your babies are fed too.”
K says before leaving her.
K returns to the main room where Anna finishes sorting the captured foals and prepares to put them in the breeding room’s orphan pen. K counts up some money before handing it to her. Her bonus for supplying the mummah and the foals.

“As much as I appreciate the extra stock you bring in, I’d ask that you stop tormenting them before dropping them off. Getting her to mate again is gonna be a hassle if she doesn’t end her grieving.”

“Can’t guarantee anything boss. It’s too much to resist!”

“Well I hope it was worth it. Because For that, your cleaning out the general stock litter boxes today.”

“Aw fuck…”

The mummah lays in her new bed in her new pen. Her belly is full of sketties and her babies’ are filled with milkies. She loves all of her babies, but she misses her pretty bestest dearly… tears fall from her eyes as she remembers it.
She suddenly feels a small grip on her side. She looks over and sees one of her babies, the one that got beaten by the bestest. Tightly hugging her fluff.

“Babbeh gib huggies. Make saddies go 'way.”

The mummah can’t help but smile. She nuzzles the baby and drifts off to sleep. She misses the bestest. But as long as she has the love of her other babies…

She’ll be ok.


Anna is gonna get the sorry boot up her ass

For killing that little shitstain?


no not the bestest. the mare she killed that was coming to get her trapped foals and telling the mother of the bestest that she only made her kill it for fun.

She does a little trolling